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  1. My concern about this approach is it assumes the text i sthe same size when it leaves the nit as when it hits the wall. My main problem is that part of the image is hitting the wall before other parts of the image due to the angle it is on. Would a similar approach, but with a tapered extrude at the beam angle achieve this? Thanks Again
  2. need to get a custom Gobo made that will project text. (telling the audience to silence their cell phones.) The problem is it will be shooting from a quite extreme angle and there will be significant distortio on the image. Can anyone think of a way to reverse design using VW, Spotlight or Renderworks a predistorted Gobo so when it hits at the angle it reads correctly? Thanks in Advance, Jason
  3. I am working on a plug in that, in, part, calls upon the parameters of the lighting device and light position objects in spotlight. When I call: SelectObj(('Light Position Obj'.'Position Name' = Destination)); I can select objects that have been created since the creation of the plug-in, but it returns NIL for any position that was created before the plug-in, even if there are search criteria that match. Any thoughts on why? Thanks in advance, Jason
  4. I feel like I may be missing out on some functionality by not making the most out of my Layers and Classes. Just as a poll, anyone chime in what do you (specificly) use layers for and what do you (specificly) use classes for in theatre drawings? I use Layers to seperate the theatre from the plot from the set etc. I usually only use classes for differant arrangements of the same information. ie scene shifts, multiple rep light plots etc. How about you? Jason
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