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  1. Is anyone else experiencing horrible lagging and crashing issues with the Newest Service Pack (VW 2022 SP1)? I was fine on 2021 and the initial release of VW 2022, however, now any reasonably sized on model in 3D (all of them are bad, even using Shaded (OpenGL) lags and takes upwards of 30 seconds to unfreeze? It lags horribly and most especially, there has been a massive spike in the amount of RAM being used? Why is vectorworks now using 10GB of RAM (according to Task Manager) to run a 110,000 KB file???? To check this, I opened models that I last edited/used in September/August of last year. Those models which were very smooth and easy to work with now lag horribly every time the system has to rerender. I am using a 16 Core 3.2 GHz Xeon processor with 128 GB of Ram alongside a GeForce 1070 Ti pushing 8GB of VRam. The harddrive is a SSD EX920 for the current file and system. All storage of inactive files is on a separate harddrive. The current SSD has 300 GB free. In fact, it just now took an extra 4GB of Ram to import 10 PDFs into the file???? Any thoughts or advice on a setting to change as this is terribly slowing my drafting and modeling? Additionally, when rendering the viewports using unshaded Polygons the system is now crashing using models that I had never previously experienced a single crash. Help!!!! Thanks!
  2. klinzey, thank you! in short I did not realize there was a bug release update from John. Downloaded that and abandoned using the universe/address field and it works now. thanks!
  3. For some reason with the new service pack, no matter how I export data to Lightwright using automatic exchange, the Address field will not import in to Lightwright 6. It was working before, any advice? Thanks! Camden
  4. I currently run a system with 32GB of ECC memory. After watching the Memory usage I have noticed a trend. On my machine VW seems to utilize close to the same amount of memory no matter how many VW files I have open at a given time. My question is how does VW 2020 manage memory? I know some programs will set a limit to not utilize more than a percentage of the total System available and others will utilize how much they need as long as it is available regardless of percentage of total use. Which is it? I can upgrade my memory to 128GB for relatively inexpensively, but I am curious to know if VW will take advantage of increasing from 32 GB to 64 GB or even 128 GB? Thanks! Here are system specs for reference: -Xeon E5-2667 V4 Processor -32 GB DDR4 2400mHz ECC unbuffered Memory -1Tb NVME M.2 Drive for System -1Tb Sata 6 SSD Drive for Data -Quadro P4000 GPU
  5. Zoomer, thanks for that explanation! I was also curious as to why Jim Wilson had previously said they actually work better? From what you have said, I would think there is no difference. Am I missing something? Thanks! Camden
  6. I am definitely interested and have the necessary skills, please reach me at CSlightingdesigns@gmail.com Cheers, Camden Simon
  7. Jim Wilson, I have a question concerning GPU for Vectorworks. I know you have said in the past that a GPU such as a 1070ti or 1080 will out perform a Quadro P4000 (both w/ 8GB of VRAM). Could you give details about how/what areas a GTX performs better? I do a combination of detailed light Rendering (Renderworks) (20% work load) and OpenGL in constructing large 3D models for scenic engineering plans and analysis (80% work load) on minimum 3 monitors. Also, is the trend of preferring GTX line VS Quadro line one that Vectorworks will likely continue for the next two releases? I currently run a XEON 8 core chip with 64 GB of RAM on a SSD, but am deciding on whether to sell two pieces of hardware and to invest in a 1070 TI vs Quadro P4000 (money is not an issue here). Thanks!!!
  8. Good afternoon, Jim Wilson, can you answer from the programmers of VW 2019 the following question. I have a Xeon compatible board that can handle two CPUs and I am going to upgrade the CPU. It is currently running a Xeon E5 @ 3.2 GHz. Is it better, or is there an advantage to having to independent 4 Core CPUs or to just have one 8 Core CPU? Thanks!!! Camden PS. Thanks to you all for taking more advantage the very expensive GPU in our workstations!!!
  9. Jim, hopefully you can help me with this. I am running v2018 on a P710 Lenovo workstation with a Xeon E5-2623 quad core processor and 64 GB of ram with three monitors on a Quadro M2000 GPU. A small amount of lag is noticeable but when I add the fourth monitor I need for checking and modifying 3D models, the lag between executing commands is annoying. With the architecture of Vectorworks 2018, and 2019 soon coming, which is a better investment with the largest return? A new CPU or GPU? I can only afford to do one at this time. Options: I was looking at a 6 or 8 core Xeon processor at 2.6 to 3.0 ghz. Or Quadro P5000 (16mb) GPU Thoughts on what would would make the biggest difference as the cost will be about the same? Thanks!!!!
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