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  1. I'm using OS 10.2.3 but you know what...I was just thinking: "yeah things did seem a little better with 10.2.3". And VW was acting a little slow when I happened to read these posts this afternoon while working on a particular drawing. I played around in some of my other drawings and everything was pretty good, so I think I'm looking at a file specific problem as far as the slow cursor goes...But as for CPU usage...yes like the others VW is topping my meter, even with no drawing open. No other significant apps running
  2. Katie I'm just talking about VW being slow in general, nothing to do with printing. Is there anything that can be done about it or is this something that's being looked into? I have a G4 Power Mac (I wish I had a power book though...if you could help me out there that would be great too)
  3. I've also noticed a significact slow down while using VW 10. I'm using a G4 400 Mhz with 1 G memory OS 10.2.3 and I've been getting a lot of the "rubber band effect" Peter mentioned. Which is more to blame: VW or OS X? Does anyone have any suggestions for speeding things up in VW.
  4. Yes, I understand that thank you, but I'm refering to zooming in and out with the wheel on a wheel mouse while holding the OPTION key. There's a little hint under the Interactive Zoom Mode section of the User's Guide that implies that while using the PAN tool one does not need to hold the OPTION key in order to zoom with the wheel, which in effect would allow one handed panning and zooming with the mouse alone. I've noticed you can do this with AC (on the few times I've used it). I don't want you to think I'm too lazy to reach all the way over to the OPTION key to acheive the same result, I just thought it was a fun idea. But I guess that is not the implication of the User's Guide after all.
  5. I'm using a wheel mouse which allows me to zoom in and out using the wheel while holding the option key in any tool. The VW 10 User's Guide tells me that "the option key is not required when interactively zooming while using the pan tool". I've tried this but using the wheel in the pan tool just scrolls as usual, and I do need to hold the option key to zoom. This isn't the end of the world but it would be nice little feature. Am I misunderstanding the user's guide or should this work? Anyone else noticed this? VW 10.0.1 OSX 10.2.2 Logitech USB Wheel Mouse
  6. I'm trying to Import DWG into VW 10 on Mac OS 10.2.1 and VW crashes during "conversion of blocks" every time. I was able to import the same files into VW 10 on OS 9.2 which led me to believe it was a OS 10.2.1 problem, however I was also able to import into VW 9.5.3b2 on OS 10.2.1 So... If I can import into 9.5.3b2 why can't I import into 10?
  7. I was afraid of that. I guess I'll just have to say goodbye and move on. Thank you
  8. Class options aren't effecting gray (visibility) classes. This is similar to VW 8 where grayed classes could not be snapped or modified. They can in VW 9.0.1, why not in 9.5?
  9. In VW 9.0.1 I was able to snap and even modify grayed classes. I can't seem to do this in 9.5. Is there as way to allow this?
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