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  1. I'm having a problem where the key doesn't display all the lights on a plot. The lights are 'light' instrument type, and show all relevant data as typed into the light info record. The lights also appear in all paperwork created through the generate paperwork command, and export correctly to Lightwright - but they won't appear in the key. They are new symbols, or old ones I have converted to lighting instruments from older drawings. I use 9.5.3 on a PowerBook G4 running OSX.2.3

    Any ideas?

  2. I also use 10.2.3 and have had no problems printing once I downloaded GimpPrint. I don't have your type of printer, but I have an Epson & HP printer that were not supported by OSX. GimpPrint has so many built-in drivers there is sure to be one for your printer.

    One way to work out if it is your copy of VW or the OS is to save your drawing as a PDF and try to print it from Acrobat Reader. If it prints then there is a problem with VW.

  3. You think Kinkos in the US is a struggle, you should try Kinkos in Australia!!! I've never heard of anyone plugging directly into their network here in Oz, and most of the Kinkos stores are not open 24/7! When I do use them, I always save as a PDF. I haven't had the problems you list though. When I was on OS9, I used the shareware Print-to-PDF chooser extension (making sure the PDF had a minimum resolution of 300DPI), but now with OS10.2 I use the built-in PDF generation. It is a little jaggy when viewed on the screen, but it seems to print OK. Nothing beats native printing though, and luckily Sydney has a great plotting service company with full VW - the local VW distributor is in the same building. Practically all my plots are A2 up to A0 so touring a large format printer is not possible for me.

    If you are going to the UK, I think you'll find Andy Voller is a subscriber to this bulletin board, and he is based in London working for VariLite. Try sending him a personal message.

  4. My suggestion would be to limit what you import back into Spotlight. If you haven't changed the label legend while in LW, don't re-import it. I have found I have the most success with importing LW info when I only import the information I have changed. For example, if I export a basic plot into LW and add channel, colour, template & purpose information, then I only import these items back into Spotlight. I don't try to import dimmer fields, or marks, or legend info as I haven't changed them. Just make sure you have the Spotlight UID matched up to the External ID field in LW (which isn't an automated action in my version of LW), and use this field to re-import.

  5. I have a problem importing instrument data back into SL 9.5.1. I export ALL instrument data to Excel, only add channel numbers, then try to import the updated channels and SL has a Vectorscript error at 137 of 274 instruments. I have tried automatically matching fields, and only importing channels but it doesn't work. I've also tried breaking up the data into groups of about 110 instruments, and no matter which group of data I use I get a Vectorscript error at 55 of 110 instruments.

    Any ideas how to fix this. It is one of the more appealling aspects of Spotlight and I would like it to work

  6. Let me 1st say I love the speed improvements in 9.5.

    All I would really like to have added to the software would be the ability of the POSITION attribute to update when REFRESH INSTRUMENTS is selected from the Spotlight menu. I don't think it would be required for a lamp to constantly be updating itself every time it was moved. Maybe that wouldn't slow the application down too much.

    Otherwise, thanks for letting me know.

  7. I have had a recurring issue where I move lights from their original position to a new position, and even after refreshing instruments the information in their position attribute doesn't update. The only way I have been able to change this information is to select the lights and manually change the information, whether through find & modify or the object info window. For a few lights this is OK, but when the rig gets up to 300-400 lights it can get very dull.

    Is this an error in the software, or am I doing something wrong?

  8. I have a problem where I have upgraded to Spotlight 9.5 from the CD I ordered but all the Spotlight menus and palettes have vanished. I can still open a new drawing using the Spotlight Metric template, but no palettes to draw lighting symbols or truss appear. The Spotlight menu also does not exist.

    I'm using a Mac, running OS9.1.

    Spotlight 9.0.1 still works OK at the moment.

    Any ideas?

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