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  1. peter, Try switching to another workspace, for example from '9 pro' to '9 pro beginners' when demo mode is suddenly turned on.
  2. Every time I try to go there I receive the following message: ------------------------------------------- Not authorized Sorry, you are not authorized to browse the archives of the VECTORWORKS-L list from the address you entered in the login screen. ------------------------------------------- I can however browse the archives of the VECTORSCRIPT-L list from the same address . Any ideas?
  3. Hi Clint, Petri Sakkinen has written a text eyedropper tool that you can find here http://www.vectordepot.com/PlugIns1.shtml
  4. Katie, shift+click works fine, Win2000 + PentiumIII
  5. the same over here, I can't go the list server anymore for about two weeks now ????????????
  6. Here you go Procedure ShowAllClasses;VAR numberofclasses,ClassIndex:LONGINT;ClassVisibility:INTEGER;ClassName:STRING; BEGINnumberofclasses:=ClassNum;ClassIndex:=0; FOR ClassIndex := 1 TO numberofclasses DOBEGINClassName:= ClassList( ClassIndex );ClassVisibility:= GetCVis( ClassName ); IF ClassVisibility = -1 THENBEGINShowClass( ClassName );END;END;END;RUN ( ShowAllClasses );
  7. please don't eliminate ctrl click duplication, make it an option in preferences.
  8. gnkarch, we have had the same plotting problems with a HP 755, Win2000, VW 9.0.1 and we were using HP v4.61. Going back to a previous version of the driver might help. You need version 4.4. I can mail you this version if I have your adres.
  9. Hey Esther, First copy copy the script code(the tekst) to your clipboard. Then go to your resource pallet and, choose 'new script'.VW will ask you to give the script a name and a place to store the script. Paste te text into the script.Click OK. Go back to your resource pallet and locate the script. You will have to dubble click the script's name to activate it
  10. following vs funtions don't oparate well, using Win 2000, VW 9.1: StrDialog, the Dialog shows up, but doesn't react to the keyboard (IntDialog works though). DoMenuTextByName('Rotate',1 to 5) gives an vs script error. DoMenuTextByName('Rotate',0) is the only one that works well. :confused:
  11. there is already a tool available that does all this, the eyedropper tool.
  12. quote: Originally posted by Katie: You can also select the text block with the 2d selection tool, then click anywhere in the text block to open it for editing. this doesn't work on the pc version. working with a pc you have to select the text block with the right mouse button and select 'edit'.
  13. quote: Originally posted by LINE: also, commands for turning a layer or class on/off by selecting an item on that layer or class would be handy. try this, put in as a script in your resource pallet or make it a tool or command with the ORGANIZE/create PIO command. Procedure TurnOffClass;VARx,y:REAL;hndObj:HANDLE;classname:STRING; BEGIN repeatGetPt(x,y);hndObj:= PickObject(x,y);SetSelect(hndObj);classname:= GetClass(hndObj);HideClass(classname); redraw;until hndObj=NIL;{script will be ended by clicking on a free space in your drawing} END;RUN (TurnOffClass);
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