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  1. Hello! I`d say there is no perfect option. I have been on C4D/Redshift workflow for years. Pretty expensive pipeline, and not even close to realtime. However, once you get everything (import/export, materials etc) sorted, results are good. I have tried other render engines as well. In my opinion, in general there are better engines, but I find Redshift is a killer when it comes to volumetrics and out-of-core. Nowdays, MVR starts to enable moving from program to another more easily. So, for original question, I would check Depence2 and MVR workflow. Depence is expensive, and I think it is still on its way, but it already gives good results. It also works with pretty advanced materials + Substance. Realtime is a huge plus. Not to take over a thread, but if someone knows: In Depence2, do I really need the "Animate"-module to export simple still frame? I would buy it first thing in the morning, but this keeps me on hold.
  2. Hello, I don`t have Braceworks, but I think this thread belongs in here rather than in Braceworks-matters. So, in my plot I have trusses that are not hanging straight, so I have "draw 3d only ticked" (see image attached). I would like to have some information about the trusses with symbols. So I`m looking for a place to edit what the symbols look like when "draw 3d only ticked". Editing 3d component won't help (naturally, since we are i top/plan view). Any help?
  3. To continue with this topic... I`m trying to add new Hoists to be placed with Hoist tool. Seems not to work. I`ve created symbols in Chain Hoist Symbols.vwx and saved it attached records, restarted Vectorworks etc, but still doesn't work. What am I missing?
  4. Hello, When creating live renderings, I often find myself having problems with beams of light. In LED-fixtures the light is really coming from all of the led-cells, but in Vectorworks beams starts from specific point inside the fixture. So, for example in Mac Aura or Clay Paky B-Eye, the beam does not seem to start from the lense, but from the center of it. Is there a way to fix this? Sincere Thanks!
  5. Hello Frank, sorry for missing your post earlier. I`m sure it would work with many symbols, but not with molefays for example, since the symbol itself looks "wrong" by default. I`m afraid I have a new question and I think it is close enought to be asked in the same thread: Now, once I have gotten to a point where my symbols look right in the 3d, 2d and in the instrument summary, what would be the best way to have colors in the symbols shown in instrument summary? I use layer colors with different fixtures, but colors are not shown in the instrument summary. Thank you again.
  6. Hi, You understand just correctly, it was me who didn`t understand that I actually have to draft the 2d portion instead of rotating it or something. Now I know, thank you for your help and patience!
  7. Well, I quess I don`t. I want to see the fixture as it really looks like when viewed from top. And then the same for the instrument summary. Based on plots I`ve seen this is possible, but I have no idea how.
  8. Hi, I attached a screenshot to show my problem. "By default" molefay will look the same, despite rotation values in object info palette. If I edit the symbol everything works ok until I want to insert Instrument summary tool. Thank you for your help so far.
  9. Thank you for your reply. Yes, if Focus Points are used, editing 3d Components is not necessary. Any help on how I can edit 2d component to appear rotated?
  10. Hi All I`m stuck with a problem. I`ve read threads about fixture rotation, but they seem not to give answers. So let`s say I have 4-lite Molefay fixture and I want to aim it towards audience. To rotate fixture, I have to edit 3D components of the symbol (If i try using 3d orientation, parts of fixture will explode all around). After editing components, my fixture looks right in 3D, but my symbol in TOP/PLAN-view looks the same as before editing components (it is the same if I rotate the fixture with 3d orientation). Then I go and delete 2d-components and paste 3d components. Now everything looks right, but when I try to use Instrument summary tool, it tells me "No 2D preview", since it obviously would need the 2D-components I have deleted. Sure I`m doing something wrong, so any help? Many Thanks.
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