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  1. Has anyone found an answer to this one? I can scale the text inside the id tags via text scale in advanced properties in the obj info, however cannot scale the tag shape size? What am I doing wrong?
  2. I think it is something up with the particular file as when we copy and paste the stair to another file it seems to work! Thanks for your help @Alan Woodwell
  3. Thanks @Alan Woodwell! Where is this option? In edit texture we only have the following options: Plane, Flat, cube and sphere, trying all with no change to the visual. We have the stair graphic attributes set up by class and have a concrete class with this texture applied. In the obj info render options, we see no 'map type' settings, just by obj, or by component options. P.S. we are using VW 2015 if this makes a difference???
  4. Yes, please see screen shots attached for extruded textures on stairs
  5. Hello, I have a room finish schedule set up with the finishes of North, East etc... Now I need the schedule to give me a surface area of each of these walls for take-offs. What Criteria / formula do I need to input in order get this read out? I'd also like to display the Gross Height of the spaces. I've tried everything I can think of. Help! Thanks!
  6. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? We have many concrete stairs in our models and our concrete hatch through wither classes/textures/render mode all stretch the texture on the face of the stair. Please help!


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