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  1. Hello Everyone, I'm really happy with forum as it makes me to learn more and make Vectorworks and my life easy 🙂. Thank you so much! Can anyone here help to understand how can i remove the grey shade around around my site, i need my site to be brighter as my second screenshot attached here. FYI the second screenshot shot is captured by setting the sun to be at noon and so it's bright. can i do any specific rendering setting similar to it when my sun raise and sets?
  2. Hello, When I export an IFC file it makes the file size 3 times larger than the VW file size. The VW file is around 800 MB and the IFC file is around 2.6GB which makes my client find it difficult to operate with it. Can you advise me with a good settings which will reduce the export file size? Setting that works with the facilities management industry. Thank you very much in advance! Note: 1) IFCZip is not working well with my client for some reason. 2) I'm in top plan view and the 3D conversion resolution is set to 'low' still there is no improvement in the file size. FYI, I've imported an IFC file which was exported from Revit and i'm fixing the spaces with VW 2020 and exporting it back to IFC. it will be helpful if you can advice me a better setting in the whole process which can reduce my file size.
  3. Hi, I'm creating a fence from a line and I want the line to be on the left edge on the fence. i.e, the fence should be inside the line touching it at the left side of the fence. Is there a way to achieve it while creating the fence from "objects from shapes command". Also how the offset works here, I've tried all the offset command but the objects is place exactly on the line, I don't think the offset command performs here. Can anyone here me with this?
  4. Extracting room dimension extracts length x width of a space. "length as the longest side of the space I would like to have the label to be consistent, i.e., if show the dimension in 'x' distance and 'y' distance and not length and width Attached a screenshot for clarity For now, I'm setting up two custom Space Label one has Width x Length and the other has length x width and assign it manually based on the geometry. If there is a way to automate this, it would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. Thank @jnr, yes I'm able to get the shape:)
  6. Hi, I'm unable to remove all the threads from the side 1 and side 2 from U stair double fixed angle wider return, I need all my thread on side 3. Can anyone help me with the better practice to achieve it? I've attached a screenshot of the geometry that I wish to achieve for better clarity. Thank you in advance!
  7. oh yeah! Thank you very much for your help
  8. I'm finding difficult to create a similar window style in Vectorworks 2021. I'm going for a symbol (with 2D/3D attributes) and insert in wall to achieve it? Is there a better way to create the similar style of window in the native window plugin tool? If yes can you help me with it? Attached the 2D and 3D style below. Thank you very much in advance!
  9. Hi, Can anyone help me to understand how I can insert door/window associated with wall core and not fixed to the center of the wall? Something like the sample screenshot I've attached here. . Thank you in advance!
  10. Yes, Tom I did it and it was not working, still I'm only able to see black pen not the grey pen thickness that I've assigned to this hatch in the resource manager.
  11. I want to change the black pen to light grey for the brick surface hatch in this hidden line rendering. Changing the hatch pen style do not help. Can you help me to achieve it, please?
  12. Hi, I want to create a similar hatch/tile patten, can anyone help with a best practice to achieve it? , Thanks, Rishie
  13. Thanks @Wes Gardner I'll follow this
  14. Greetings :) I'm finding it difficult to manage the 3D tags, especially in the elevation/section viewport. What do I wish to achieve? To find a way to select the 3D tags of doors and windows and make them visible in one viewport and invisible in another viewport. What I did so far: 1) I've created an exterior elevation with a section line and in the viewport, everything is fine except some 3D tags of the object (3D tags of the objects which were present in the background). I'm able to switch it off by controlling the "extend beyond section line depth" and while doing it the object also disappears (obviously). I would like to only switch off the 3d tags of the objects (door and window) not the entire object. 2) When I switch off the 3D tags of the door and window manually by selecting the actual object, it disappears in all the elevations, which I don't want. 3) So I'm creating different classes to hide it from one viewport and make it visible in other viewports which I'm finding it difficult. Can anyone here help me with a best practice to achieve it? Let me know if I can give you some more details on it. Thanks in advance :)))
  15. Thank you very much Tom and Andy. Much Appreciated!!!
  16. Thanks @Andy Broomell I was able to create a tile, but unfortunately I'm unable to assign it as a surface hatch to a texture. @Christian Fekete Thanks for asking it. I want my roof to show in exterior elevation (hidden line rendering) with a hatch pattern (Pen style to have pattern not solid). To be very clear, I've attached a VW file (V 2020) and PDF to show want I'm trying to achieve. Please take a look at it. Would be grateful for your help. Thank you, Rishie Query with Surface Hatch V 2020.pdf Query with Surface Hatch V 2020.vwx
  17. Can we set a pattern as a pen style for a hatch? I tried a few times but could only manage to get a solid color not a hatch pattern as a pen style while creating hatch. Thanks, Rishie
  18. I'm finding a way to align wall hatch but with no luck. Can anyone here can help me with it? Thanks, Rishie
  19. Hi Kenton Peter, We undertake VW outsourcing jobs (Drafting, Modelling, etc.,) and we are Vectorworks and Vectorworks only from India. To Learn More about us https://vectorworksoutsourceindia.com. Thank you, Rishie.
  20. Hi, We undertake VW outsourcing jobs(Drafting, 3D Modelling, etc.,) and we are Vectorworks and Vectorworks only from India. To Learn More about us https://vectorworksoutsourceindia.com. Thank you, Rishie
  21. I have also noticed that the wall object sometimes disappears after inserting the slab through the inner boundary mode. The wall appears in 2D but not in 3D. I am only able to select it in 2D. When I move it in 2D or replace the wall style it shows up in 3D. I am using VW 2019 SP4 in Mac OS 10.14.6
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