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  1. I like being able to edit the contours when needed but that does not solve my problem. Lets say for instance that my contour map looks great with exception of a large bubble in the middle because there was a benchmark shot I took on top of a fence post out in the field that was included during the survey data import. In VW 2016 I simply performed the following steps. Right clicked on the site model Selected "Edit Site Mode Source Data" Select the benchmark shot In the Object Info pallet I would select "Use as 2D/3D graphic only. Exit and update the site model. I use VW to create contours based on my survey data. I don't want to manually edit contours (VERY time consuning) just because of data points that I can't access anymore. This would be counterproductive. It is very frustrating to get a new release with so many great updates only to have some key features disappear.
  2. I love VW 2018 with one BIG exception. I can no longer right click on a site model and view or edit the source data! I called tech support and they said that feature went away with the 2018 release. I may very well go back to 2017 for this feature. Ask anyone who regularly imports survey data and generates topo maps and they will all tell you that it is very important to be able to go in and delete or edit bad points. Why oh why would Vectorworks remove a very basic important feature like this? Hopefully tech support was wrong and someone can tell me how to edit survey points after creation of a site model. Thank you, Glenn Troyer
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