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  1. Thanks Tom. I've tried that, but it doesn't really work as the people need to be embedded in the scene, i.e. behind a table, seen through a window, etc.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a way to have a 3D object always face toward the camera view, as image props do? I'm still searching for a way to use realistic 2D photo people in combination with hidden line renderings. (Note: we generally use many people, viewed from many cameras so it's not feasible to manually face them toward each camera. Image props would be great, but they don't show up in hidden line). Any advice appreciated, thanks!
  3. I imagine you solved this by now, but i just had to work this out, so thought I'd share... An open GL animation uses the files renderworks background, if none is selected it is white. Go to View/Set Renderworks background: For a blue, choose one SimpleSky Clear Day 1 or 2
  4. I have finally gained enough control with the subdivision tool to create the forms I want. Now I am trying to think about how best to 'deconstruct' that object into a drawing set to allow them to be constructed. Obviously I could just take a bunch of sections through it, but I'm wondering if there is something I'm missing. - Does anyone have a process they have found successful? Thanks.
  5. Interesting, I appreciate the advice and will resort to that. Thanks!
  6. I concur, origins have suddenly become wildly unpredictable.
  7. Does anyone know how to use a formula in the 'formula' field in the Space Setting Additional Data section? (Vectorworks support didn't know, but the help manual says that is what it is for). My goal is perform a calculation of number of occupants (=#Gross Area#/#AreaPerOccupant#), to then report on a data tag. However, whatever I put in the formula field just shows up as text when reported... (Attached is a sample file in 2019). Any suggestion of how to solve this, or other ways to get the number of occupants to show up on the data tag would be very much appreciated! Occupancy Data Tag.vwx
  8. Thanks Tom. We too came to the conclusion of 1TB of local space, luckily all of our VW users have 3TB hard drives so that works for us. My main concern is that once we're committed and all up-dating to dropbox, there could start to be some serious lack in the update process because of all the traffic. Hard to test if that's a reality without getting pretty deep into testing...
  9. I use VW Architect in a small design office where we are often project sharing with large files. Using iMacs and a Mac mini server, VW2017. 600MB connection to both server and internet. We've had a lot of problems with crashes when we keep the project file on our server when committing changes. We solved this by using dropbox instead. Although there is an added lag time going through the off-site dropbox server, we aren't getting the crashes as the committed changes happen on our local machine before being uploaded. We're thinking of implementing this throughout the office, but before we signup for dropbox business, etc. I wanted to ask if anyone else has reached a similar conclusion, or if anyone has experience of dropbox project sharing and could offer some pros and cons. Would appreciate any advice, thanks.
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