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  1. @bjoerka Having the same issue SP1 VW 2022.
  2. Having an issue in VW 2018 Current service pack and maybe what i'm trying to do is not an option. But i've been trying to change class of few of my fixture in a plot. IE. Ground package, Aerial, etc. And when i change the class of the fixture, it keeps it's original class name (Spotlight Lighting Device) but will react with the new class name. So if i hide my ground package class, all those units will hide on the design layers. But when i go over to a view port on a sheet layer they will not hide. unless I hide the Spotlight Lighting Device class. Just curious if this is a bug, or does VW not allow a fixture to have is class name changed.
  3. Hello, I'm having issues where the wash fixture (Martin Mac Aura XB and Highend Shape Shifter) are not taking the patch information i'm assigning them. The patch in vision is correct, But all the wash fixtures stay patched to channel one on their respective universe. Looking for any advise.
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