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  1. Hello, I am having issues importing some Sketchup files into my VW 2018 Designer. This is my first time importing as well. Any tips appreciated. Thank you. Error Message: File is either damaged or created by unsupported version. bwhsnewgym.skp Uncle+Mugen's+Multipurpose+School+Gym (1).skp
  2. Hello everyone, I am fascinated by the world of media servers and real time rendering (disguise and notch fx). Has anyone had the chance to import their VW or C4D models into softwares such as Disguise or Notch to manage or create real time content? If so any best practice? Thank you!
  3. I too am experiencing lag on very small files after upgrade. Running GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  4. Hey everyone still getting my feet wet with Vectorworks Designer. Heres whats happening. A) Use Camera to get a good angle of stage. Stage has LED Screens and Scenic panels symbols that are made out of Square Extrudes W/ Plastic Texture B) Go and create viewport to capture image @ Final Quality Render C) When I press update on my Viewport, the Scenic Panels disappear but everything else stays. What may be the cause of this? Thank you!
  5. Hello I recently upgrade to the 2018 Designer version. I have been using the Educational version before and have some Resources that I made from previous file. I added those resources but it keeps telling me that my NEW file will be changed to watermarked. How do you avoid this from happening? Thanks!
  6. Thanks Kevin! I unlock my floor, send to back like you suggest, then relocked it. I also forgot to assign a class for my floor
  7. Hello, not sure what happened but after I added a symbol to my document, my models are disappearing when I switch over to Top/Plan View. Only item I see is a projector that I added last. Much appreciated!
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