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  1. Thanks Petri I hate to thik how much time I have wasted becouse I didn't properly read the manual a couple of years ago.
  2. When creating a worksheet (for instance a door schedule) it appears as though the information on the worksheet is ordered by creation date (or some other not easily understood method). The problem is that the information that I wish to display is not ordered in a logical matter. I would like to have control over the ordering of the worksheet in much the same way that excel allows sorting of data by column. Is this possible within VW worksheets or is it something we should put on the wish list?
  3. Robert Tried to set the origin in both files to the same location and the problem still existed. However I have found the problem within the source file the shoulder length was showing as 9" however dislaying as only 1/4" or so. Edited the length of the shoulder to 1/4" and the problem is cleaned up. Thanks
  4. In V11 (windows) I am finding that an ID marker placed in one file looses its original location when the layer it is placed on is referenced into another file. For example Door marker leaders in the referenced file are stretched a great distance to another location in the plan which creates problems with managing information included on the drawings. Any ideas how to eliminate this problem
  5. When -using the issue manager the sheets dialogue box references sheets in no particular order that I can see. It would make it more useful to have the order that the sheets are referenced be related to the title of the sheet layer (and perhaps name the layer somewhere) so that one would know which sheet they were editing. Thus if one names their sheet layers A000-Cover, A100-Siteplan, etc. you would edit them in this order rather than jumping all over the place.
  6. Kees, I agree wholeheartedly. We to have this problem and have had to turn off autosave to backup folder in order to limit the amount of junk that resides on our server. For us the only solution to this problem is to set a local folder for autosaves which gives better control to the individual and saves valuable server space. Please find the time to include this in the next release V11.01?
  7. Guys we have just started working with V11 and like many of its features (text control, viewports, notation to name a few) however I personally cannot stress enough how important a UCS system is to our office and I am assuming many others. The work arounds that we have to go through on some of the projects that we have in order to draw angular is really time consuming and at best somewhat inaccurate. I realize that we can rotate the page grid but this is really a pretty elementary solution to the problem as much of the speed of working with vectorworks is lost through this work around. Perhaps the next release will provide this much needed capability.
  8. Within V10.5 it was possible to update workgroup references that were open providing that the machine updating the reference had the reference open. Within V11 this has gone by the wayside. To be able to update a reference while in the reference itself was a very nice feature that I for one would like to see come back as it can be time consuming altering the reference, getting out of it and then updating.
  9. Well, I appear to have spoken too soon. Since 3:00 this afternoon I am back to the situation that I was 10 days ago. I have tried repairing the installation, uninstalled and reinstalled...rebooted umpteen times, installed new video drivers and done a clean install after removing all traces of V10 from the registry and VOILA I can't open files from within Vectorworks. I can open 1 single file through explorer. Opening a second file causes a Runtime Error. Hey isn't there a user named runtime error...maybe he can help...oh wait he works in my office...Hey Mike... My time is valuable and I find this extremely frustrating. Will be calling support about this. Any otherideas?
  10. After reinstallation things seem to be ok...been working for about 10 days without any crashes
  11. ran regedit after uninstalling V10 Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/NEMETSCHEK removed Vectorworks 10 Under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/NEMETSCHEK removed Vectorworks 10 Reinstalled V10 No Crashes since reinstallation
  12. Operating System is XP. I have uninstalled Vectorworks and also cleaned the registry and this seems to have cured the problem for the meantime...however it is rather an uncomfortable and lengthy fix if one has to do it more than once a month
  13. VW 10 develops runtime error when opening a file directly from within the open files dialogue box. I can open the same through explorer however if I try to open an additional file either through the open files dialogue or through explore...Runtime Error. This has occurred both on my laptop and desktop. The previous fix was running the repair utility for VW 10 which did fix the problem. This time I have tried repair...didn't work, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling...didn't work. Others in the office can open all files without trouble so I am beginning to develop a complex...Any ideas? VW 10 PC 1.3GHz 640MB Ram
  14. Each time I reset either my print setup or change layerscales my print window moves to a place that is about a billion feet away from the drawing origin. I have tried moving all of the drawing over to a new 0,0 located in the print window when set a printer is set to 100%, but the next time a change is to either the print scale, printer or layerscale made the print window once again moves to a position that you need the shuttle to get to. Anybody have a clue how to fix this?
  15. Coming from using Autocad for a couple of years and Arris for another couple I find it very difficult to understand the work arounds that we have to go through in order to view and or work on any other than the original database co-ordinates. Hey people, we deal with sites that are often not rectilinear, we draw elevations using the plans to project information down and dont want to constatly waste time and go through gymnastics in order to see our sites from a different angle. Lets face it Layer linking DOES NOT achieve what we need and grabbing all of your information and rotating it to the desired angle is just downright scary. Please, oh please allow me the freedom to electronically walk around the projects that I work on, to view them from any angle that I so desire.
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