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  1. That sounds good although sadly I am on Vectorworks 2015 so I guess I won't get that fix?
  2. File sizes are far too large for exported sheets containing cropped viewports because information outside of the cropped viewports gets exported too. We are always exporting a lot of drawings to other consultants and end up having to create export drawings first, deleting all information that we don't want exported then creating the export file. This is very time consuming and makes hard work of something that should be relatively simple. Example; A sheet is set up containing several cropped viewports. Only the information within the cropped viewport should be exported and not everything in the design layers associated with the cropped viewport as currently happens.
  3. I have been trying to do the same but I don't think that the method above works in my situation. I have several cropped viewports on a sheet. When you export the sheet however you don't just get the information within the cropped viewports as one would hope, you get all the information associated with the viewport including that outside the crop. I have for example a couple of viewports that are cropped sections. When exported I get every section in the project (my sections are all on one design layer in this project). So one exported sheet that should be less than 1Mb turns into a dwg of over 10Mb with all this extra information that I don't wish to send. Is it not possible to just export the visible information on a sheet and no more?


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