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  1. Hi I have a drawing to print (2d only) that I have applied a sketch render. When I select print, VW seems to hang and nothing happens - I'm not able to click on anything and eventually force close the program after several minutes. I'm able to print the same drawing as wireframe - am I missing a setting somewhere? Strathfieldsaye_Primary_School.dwg
  2. Hi I have imported a dwg file from an architect and I cannot seem to work with it. It seems to be a referenced design layer which has no edit behaviour so I cannot turn classes off etc. What is the best way to add my information? Can I 'unlock' the referenced dwg to control visibility etc?
  3. Thanks for your help Chris and Jim - I thought of the same thing last night and realised I had an object in my drawing way way away from my drawing centre somehow. It's now resolved in a round about way and I'm back on track
  4. Hi, when I create a new viewport on a new sheet layer there is nothing visible. Checked all settings, layers classes scale and seem OK. The only thing I notice is object info shows a small range of x,y values (approx.+x 9, +y3, x-4, y1). This is on a plan printing at 1:200 on A1 paper. I don't believe I've cropped selection...I can't zoom in to show anything on sheet layer. I'm thinking there must be a setting I'm missing...Any ideas please?
  5. Hi all I have just upgraded to V 2017. In the 2016 version I had customised the plant database and this has not been migrated to the new version. Where do I find my old database to import this data to the 2017 version? Thanks in advance Neale
  6. Yes thank you! Duplicating plant didn't work - but it made me look more closely at plant details. I had category as broadleaf deciduous (a hangover from another program I used) - changed category to tree and it worked.
  7. Class, layer and category all are good - same as other plants which are on schedule. The two plants not listed are plants I have added to database - but other plants I have added are listed so I don't think its anything I've done there....
  8. I've generated a plant schedule but some of the plants in my drawing are not listed. When I look at object info, the 'on plant list' box is checked. Any ideas why not all plants are included?
  9. Thanks Alan I have that box checked and have seen the log file created. I was wondering if there is anything more specific that logs time spent on each drawing - and hence provides a running total number of hours for that particular drawing - rather than the all inclusive log file created.
  10. Hi all - new to Vectorworks and still exploring. Does the program record the total time spent on each drawing? Handy when it comes to working out accounts!
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