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  1. I've found that inserted rooflights in 2018 are not visible - you can see the hole that the rooflight makes but not the rooflight itself. I've reverted to 2017 to keep working.
  2. The roof plane tool in Version 2018 is so bad (worse even than 2017) that I've had to revert to 2017 to keep working. E.g. a rooflight appears with a 'column' of roof surface projecting through the rooflight. It's impossible to insert dormers any more, they have to be created with walls and roof planes, etc, etc. Please can someone take a comprehensive look at the roof plane tool and make sure it's fit for purpose.
  3. We need a chamfered door option in addition to square, round, segment, sloped etc. so that doors in attic spaces or under stairs can fit under a slope without having to be excessively high
  4. I may have an opportunity to work on a large residential scheme. I can increase my P.I.I. to an appropriate level, but as a one man practice I can't realistically offer services beyond RIBA P.O.W. Stage 2/3. Is anyone out there interested in the possibility of collaboration?
  5. What is your experience of BIM? There is a slight possibility of some collaboration depending on your proficiency. I have a one person practice in Luton and have been approached to look at a very large project. I have one other person possibly available as back up, but it would be good to know of others.
  6. I've been trying to associate a wall with a roof in Architect. Under wall clipping in the info palette I've picked a wall to associate and as soon as I click the green arrow VW crashes. It makes no difference if it's in 3d view or plan view. Also after crashing the info, navigation tool sets and basic palettes close down. Furthermore the attribute palette has no information in it and snapping the palette is missing some icons.
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