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  1. Hey, I think the flipped symbol is what caused it. Thanks all. I also noticed the same visibility issue happening when the user origin isn't set to the internal origin. I can see outside the symbol when I reset the origin.
  2. Does anyone know what controls if you can see objects outside a symbol or not (when you are in editing the symbol). Some symbols allow me to see all context outside and some seem to exist in a totally different location when I try to edit them. Very annoying when it happens as it's impossible to use any reference geometry from outside. BTW I'm mainly talking about traditional 2D methods of drawing Thanks
  3. That is so useful. It's allowed me to create several palettes that act as shortcuts to the most used classes for a couple of different tasks. Means people don't have to understand the class system to use it! Thank you!
  4. Does anyone know if it's possible to create a script set the active class. I'd like to have a small palette on screen that sets my most used classes as the active class. This would give a much quicker way of getting to the classes I need the most without constantly searching through the full class list. I'm aware you can do it with saved views (as I've shown on the attached screenshot) but if possible I'd prefer to have it in a seperate list.
  5. Hey all, Quick worksheet question for the veterans. Is it possible to get a SUM of areas generated from space objects. The SUM function adds together the number of database objects rather than of the information they are providing. I've attached a dropbox link to a jpeg that will explain it better than I can. https://www.dropbox.com/s/z62v30i61i5965i/Worksheet Screenshot.png?dl=0
  6. Victory! It works when i move the forms closer to the origin. Even within the same file. Seems like a bizarre bug to me. The model is in that location as i started by copy/pasting in place from the surveyor's drawings. Thanks for your help.
  7. Jim. Rebooting the machine doesn't seem to affect it. I can extrude simple forms in a new file but it still doesnt work in the main file. Also I tried it on other machines in the office and they can't edit the file either. I get the same cursor and issues with faces.
  8. Hi Jim. Thanks for your help. It doesnt seem to be related to complexity as even new objects I create can't be edited with the face / edge based tools. The thing thats really throwing me is even if I create new geometry in this file then copy/paste it into a new file I get the same problem. It's contagious Dropbox link below to screenshot of the cursor I get as well as the model in question. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8gyvw6ks613v1n7/AACAjuLRsGMInR8wBFynr6Tia?dl=0
  9. Hi. First post. Any come across an issue where after working with a file for a while the face selection stops working. When I try to push/pull , set an active plane to a face etc it won't work. When I use any of these face based tools the cursor appears as a small box with a red line and it wont interact with any faces. The weird thing is when I open a new file it works fine until I copy and paste a form from the old file. As soon as i bring in the form from the old file I get the same issues. I don't think its the screen/working/automatic plane preference and i cant see anything else that might have caused it. What am i missing here. Any suggestions?
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