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  1. Hi Jim, Thanks for your inputs ! Have a nice day
  2. Hi Jim ! I grouped all objects and moved it to the origin usinf cmd+M (in all 3 axis) but im still facing the same issue.
  3. Hey, is there a clean way to move all my objects to the centre of the origin ? It is pretty far from the origin right now, i dont know which command to use to resolve the conflict
  4. Hey everyone, thanks in advance for your consideration. I have been using VectorWorks for about 2.5 years (Im using VectorWorks 2016 SP6 for Mac) (I have attached a specs list of my Mac in the attachments ) I am trying to do a 3d Perspective View of a room, it has Wall, Door and Window objects along with some furniture items imported as sketch-up objects. It works all-right if i view it in wire-frame mode, but when i go to OpenGl (occasionally) or Final quality (always) it gets garbled and doesn't produce a correct image. For some reason, shaded and other polygons modes are working fine as well. Im only facing issues with Final Quality and Open Gl modes. Please let me know if i am doing something wrong or should check some setting, (My 3d visualising setting is set to maximum : VectorWorks>Preferences>3d Rotation>Detailed) I have worked on a similar project last month with lots of sketch-up objects and not faced any issues. (I am adding an image of this file as well) Thanks for helping ! 3d-Rahul_sir.vwx
  5. @Luis M Ruiz Hi Luis, you work looks outstanding. Could you send me a link towards your interior tutorial, i can't seem to find it on your profile. I am working on VW 2017, with RW. Thanks !
  6. Hey I am facing the same issue. (VW 2016, SP6) My current workaround is to move to Plan view (cmd+5) and then orbit into a perspective to force it to show up on the Obj Info. I've found this happens pre-dominantly when i am working on a 3d View with multiple furniture objects and light objects. @Thomas What is your workaround ? Thanks for this thread i was pulling my hair out looking for an explanation.


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