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  1. After making the changes you want to set you need to save a Default Template file and then select that as the base for your new files when you create a new file. The Template file doesn't need to be named Default. It can be named anything of your choosing. The important thing is that you set it in the pop-up list when you create a new file so that it is the one that is used.
  2. Lee, I've never seen that issue. What OS, how much RAM does your computer have and what graphics card does your computer have? Also which version of Vectorworks and series?
  3. You need to set your Layer visibility options to Show Others or Show Snap Others. Your two layers also need to be the same scale and both in Top/Plan View.
  4. Zoomer, Texture seems to be a more common generic term in usage. I've always understood a shader to be a machine generated texture pattern and a texture map to be an image based texture pattern. Materials as a concept makes sense but only if you start talking about components of objects and defining their appearance in plan view, 3D views and sections in both linework views and rendered views. Also their properties in terms of energy analysis, weight, strength, etc. In Vw. Isn't that what we tend to do with Classes? Classes are the what in Vw with materials being one of the what classification systems.
  5. The Classes you are using for your objects become Container Classes when there are objects that are complex and have different Classes used for their components. The None Class needs to be visible at all times and in all Viewports. Your visibility problem exists because you are trying to use the None Class to control visibility of objects or object parts.
  6. The None Class is a default Class for objects and should never be made invisible, If you have objects that you want to have the ability to be seen or not seen then create a Class for them.
  7. Do you have the Document Preference Save Viewport Cache on?
  8. Line-weight, I didn't think through the problem before posting. Stephan is correct in that the number of sides needs to be even.
  9. Fifteen is the correct number. There will need to be eight of one length and seven of the other length and you will need to nominate which of the two length there is eight of. You might be better off posting your query on a geometry/trigonometry maths query website.
  10. If you are doing a building model workflow then all of your annotation for views generated from the building model, including plans, should be in Viewports on Sheet Layers. If you have 2D only drawings, such as details, on other Design Layers then you can choose between annotating on the design layer or in the annotation space of its Viewport on a Sheet Layer.
  11. The Framing Member tool has the capability to use a custom profile.
  12. If you need the surfaces as graphic elements then use the Extract tool in extract surface mode. In too preferences set the mode to planar surface. Each surface can then be rotated in a side view by the roof pitch so it is parallel to the Ground plane.
  13. I don't know if there is a file size limit. The Symbol Resource Sharing Forum would be better if it had sub-categories so users could then more easily refine their search. A search link from the program to the Resource Sharing forum would also be very useful.
  14. There is a resource sharing part of this forum. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/forum/5-resource-sharing/ There is also the third party sharing forum of Vector Depot. It used to be the place but very few users are aware of it now. http://www.vectordepot.com
  15. Export each Sheet Layer as a separate DWG file. Uncheck the 3D options.
  16. Are you exporting from Sheet Layers and using the option to Export Viewports as 2D graphics in Model Space?
  17. The 2D version is the default. Nested underneath it is the 3D version. Click on the object icon and hold the mouse button down. That will then allow you to select the 3D version.
  18. Edit your Dimension Class so it has no fill and the Graphic Attributes are set to Use at Creation (check mark box at top left).
  19. Having to create a hybrid symbol to do this is time consuming and hopefully this will be remedied in the near future. STEP 1. Create your own 3D geometry. STEP 2. Create your own 2D geometry. STEP 3. Create 2D wall patches at each end. STEP 4. Work out your insertion point so the symbol inserts in the wall at the correct location and orientation (the not fun part and you will probably need to do it by trial and error). STEP 4. Select all the 2D and 3D and create a symbol from it using the insertion point. STEP 5. Create a custom Wall Hole Component so you can get the 3D hole in the wall correct. Hybrid Window symbol in Round Wall v2018.vwx
  20. Tine, the only way you can do this is by crating your own hybrid symbols. If you can say what version you are on I can post a file with an example in a curved wall.
  21. Jim, your presence on the techboard and audio voice overs in many of the feature and training videos will be missed. For many of us you have been the public face of Vectorworks for years and you leave big shoes to fill.
  22. Dormer, can you please post a 2D image of what you want and also tell us what version of Vw you are using.
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