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  1. Is any one using McNurbs? I'm looking for a 3d modelling program (Mac). The descriptions I've found on McNurbs are lacking, and their site is lacking as well. Opinions anyone? thanks
  2. It seems that Vectorworks doesn't support exporting the .mtxt format that used to be available in MiniCAD. Is there another name for this or a way around it? (I've never needed it, but suddenly have a use for it) Thanks
  3. Is there some way to join several line segments into a fillable shape that is cleanly extrude-able? I've been having a hard time with making lines 'stick' together. The manual has always seemed a little convoluted to me, and it has always been difficult to figure anything out from the instructions. Thanks
  4. When I clip a surface in VWorks, then extrude it, I end up with extra lines through the center of where I clipped it, which will only disappear when rendered 'shaded no lines'. Any idea how to avoid this? (assume making a tube- two concentric circles, clip surface, extrude, suddenly there is a tube that looks like it is made of two "C's" stuck together).
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