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  1. Thanks for all your help Benson. Everything working fine now. JT
  2. Great. That seems to work. One more thing - I assume the facetted appearance of the left section, created by subtracting multiple extrudes, is only a rendering issue and that the printed result will be a smooth curve like the sweep (centre and right). I've had a problem subtracting from a sweep - I'm either told that the geometry is wrong (centre) or my solid is just two circular walls (right). Thanks John
  3. Hi Benson, Having a few problems with your directions. As a bit of background, I'm building a keyless soprano saxophone (see screenshots). The toneholes are not cylindrical but are undercut (they flare out where the hole meets the instrument's bore). Hence the solid I'm trying to model to subtract. I'm using VW2014. Working through your directions: (a) The project tool doesn't seem to project a circular surface (red). (b) The bore is not cylindrical so I've made a tapered arch. Now the project tool doesn't work at all. © I managed to create a lower surface (red) from tapered arch. Surfaces refuse to fillet. (d), (e) and (f) Extracting lower edge is again not circular in plan view resulting in a misaligned solid. Really appreciate your time and understanding. John
  4. Wonderful. Thanks Benson. I'll give it a try over the next few days. Much appreciated. John
  5. I'm trying to model a solid comprised of 4 nurbs surfaces which I want to subtract from another solid. It is essentially a cylinder which fillets at the bottom onto a curved base. Any guidance as to the error of my ways and how I could successfully model this shape would be greatly appreciated. JT57
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