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  1. I was having considerable slow down issues and disconnected one monitor as a solution that seemed to have an effect - I've now changed the motherboard from a Z170 to a Z270 Chipset (compatible with 6th gen CPU's - bonus!) and changed the ram from the 32gb of GSkill Ripjaws DDR4-2133 I had in the old motherboard to 32gb of Corsair Dominator DRR4-3200in the Z270 - the difference has been dramatic. I still have the i7 6700k, GTX1080 and 512 NVMe HDD from the previous build in this one and it is now much faster and solid.

    I'm not sure in my case it could have been a motherboard issue or ram, but maybe investing in very high quality ram might solve the issue in lieu of a full rebuild as a troubleshooting step.



  2. Hmm.. appears I may have been overthinking this - where I was getting stuck was creating a storey at the 0 datum; I made a shed layer with the floor level storey and another level for the roof, so I think its sorted.. the only issue I could possibly see is if the floor level storey should need to be changed - but I doubt I'd ever need to do this as they are all referenced viewports on the site model in any case.

    If there are are better approaches, I'm open to suggestions :)



  3. Hi all - what is the best way to go about having multiple buildings in one project? I'm doing a rural project with a house and packing shed - I'm trying to set up different layers for the shed to keep it independent, but can't set up a separate 0 level datum for the floor. Is it best to just use to the current floor layer and set new layers for roof and foundations? It would be nice to have to have seperate layers so I can switch the shed off from the dwelling...

    I have come from a Revit background, so the layers/stories/levels paradigm has been confusing - Revit only has a level system that slices the model with a variable cut plane; it's dead simple and very effective, but doesn't have the flexibility you get with layers.



  4. I have just inquired about the SP3 update to VW 2017 after seeing it is now available - but not for Aus/NZ versions it seems. I'm told it will be available "in the next couple of weeks" because it needs to "modified and checked". I was previously able to get a SP straight off the VW website, but now it's saying I have an invalid serial. 

    It seems bizarre to me that an update like this that would have been through a beta/release candidate phase and once released a distributor has to play catch up? Is there no co-ordination of updates with localized distributors so an update/major release can be targeted to a specific date? It's even worse (months) for a yearly release to be "modified and checked".. I'm not actually sure what the differences are aside from a few OzCAD plug-ins and local libraries, which are all downloaded anyway. 

  5. The Ryzen CPU's just announced look promising - relatively fast clock over 8 cores. Based on Jims comment above the difference between the 3.6 ryzen (4ghz turbo) compared to a 6700k should be fairly negligible in the math side of things, but give RW a good nudge along with the extra 4 cores for half the cost of a comparable Intel...

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  6. Wow... with one monitor disconnected it is working flawlessly. Even doing operations on the file I'm currently in that would just crash it now work (create joists)... i'm kinda attached to my two 27" Dell's tho...

    Re the cores, for more top plan/3d work a higher ghz per core is better than a lower ghz 6-10 core cpu? From what I've looked into the multi cores like the broadwells really only come into their own when rendering?

  7. Hi Jim,

    dxdaig attached. I've had it on 'best performance' so I'll experiment with other settings. I also hackintoshed this machine earlier and it ran extremely well - the only difference wad a different hard drive (windows on M.2 NVMe). 

    Getting more back on topic and away from my issue (sorry!) what would be the consensus on the 10 core Broadwell now that top plan is multi core aware and future work on the VGM? 

    Cheers :)



  8. Hi Jim - thanks for teh quick reply,

    The OWC has an HD 5770, but aI have a flashed GTX970 in my draw I used on my old 3,1 that I would install. The PC I have at present is an i7 6700k , 32gb ram and a GTX1080 - which on paper should rock, but I don't know if its windows or what, but it is extremely jerky. Changing a setting in the OIP would see it flashing several times for something like windoor, updating section properties or updating a viewport. Performance on the PC seems to degrade over a sesion where you have to zoom in and out to show attribute changes to an object; but the cruncher is just crashing completely randomly - I've had to set an auto back up to every 5 mins cos it could go for hours or 10 mins without 'unexpectedly quitting'. By comparison, my wife's late 2009 iMac is rock solid and reliable if not a little slow understandably! I have swapped parts to try and rule out a hardware issue, but it seems to me its VW on windows - no matter if its a fresh win10  install with the bare min of software or an insider preview (naughty i know!) on the i7 6700k - hench the query about the 10 core monster - more cores =better performance? 

    I still have a Revit license as I have some projects still needing work to be done on them due to construction changes, and it to on this machine is faultless - except begin horrible to use ;)

    I do a lot of top plan work for the bread and butter work that doesn't need modelling (I built the i7 when on 2016 for a faster single core use on top plan) and an equal part working in 3d. I'm not doing a huge amount of rendering - the i7 tends to take a while, so only do it when I need to - but would like to do more for sure.


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