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  1. Does it do brackets? That would be a nice bit of detail if it can 🙂  If it could include the downspout tool but work from the gutter level down would make it easyier to use for setting the heights, elbow positions and bracket spacings.


    Like Jonathan has mentioned - we really need the functionality of the coverings tool. Andrea's Elements plugin can be used to replicate sidings with a bit of work. In a sense its a bit of a double edged sword - community input is a great thing, but at which point does it become a bit embarrassing when  the 'tools Architects need' are add on's from part time developers?

  2. 13 minutes ago, Sebastiaan said:

    Some enthusiasm is in place imo😀

    Yep - its easy to slip into a negative frame of mind when the issues and small workflow things start to to become big things (crashing though is always a big thing...), but the takeaway from all the updates since I've been a user is that there seems to be a genuine drive to listen to users, incorporate wishes as well as improve the status quo in the day to day performance and existing tools. You only have to look at Revit updates and the stuff that users have been asking for years.. which is usually answered by a "buy our other productthats not in your overpriced bloated bundle!' answer (looking at you Autocad Civil3d for Revit site modelling) with the abhorrent pricing structure and bundling of useless software.

    The variety of updates is fantastic and heartening to a large degree - but the proof is in the pudding when it comes to stability in use for sure.

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  3. OIP rebuild for windows sounds awesome - probably my single biggest windows issue/gripe... does this mean it stops flashing as it updates? Add multiple dims to existing, autoturn integration - totally awesome. As well as all the other stuff 😁 Just need that callout tool tweaked 😉

  4. Here's hoping! I personally found the new titleblock a huge step up in functionality; the only niggle I have is the revision system and to a lesser extent a sheet list showing the most current revision - but certainly felt like a job half done. The VAA titleblocks were a huge amount of work to update..when I go back to older projects I replace them 😁

  5. The problem with issues and the the revisions system is that when you only apply them to the sheet it screws up the system over the whole set. If you apply them to the whole set it gets confusing as it shows revisions to sheets with no revisions/issue changes.

    For example (applies to Issues as well):

    Revision 1: Sheets 1,2 & 3 have a revision so become rev 1. in the title block

    Revision 2: Sheet 2 has a change - sheet 1 &3 stay on rev 1 sheet 2 goes to rev 2

    Revision 3: Sheet 1 has a revision - Sheet 1 goes to rev 3, sheet 2 rev 2 and sheet 1 rev 1


    There is no way in the current system to make the revision flow chronologically - the current system would call sheet 1 rev 2, sheet 2 rev2 and shet 3 rev 1 - very confusing making it look like only two revisions have occurred when there have been three. Revisions and issues should be a project wide system not a title block thing.

    Revit has a brilliant system for this along with sheet list that adds revisions. You set the issue/revision number/letter in the rev/issue manager and any cloud you tag is auto numbered to the current active rev/issue- once this is signed of the rev/issue is completed in the manager and the title blocks only show the highest revision/issue. Next issue/change is automatically activated when closing off the last rev/issue. 


  6. On 9/4/2018 at 10:48 PM, herbieherb said:

     I would rather consider whether Apple is still a reliable hardware supplier. 

    Just look at the joke the updated Mac Pro is turning into. How does a computer take over two years plus to develop when the hardware is abundantly available? It’s probably the case that’s taking all the time.... Seriously, how does this say to professionals they are listening, considering people are grimly hanging onto the last tower models propped up by aftermarket parts and drivers, or the few brought a flower pot - the one they finally sucked it up and apologised for it being a lemon... even it’s specs were way off beam. It’s further proof that they have little investment in the desktop, despite the claims of how ‘critical’ macOS and the desktop is to them. They are a company propped up by a line of phones with the iMac as an accessory while they desperately look for the next phenomenon....

    i’ve got An iMac in the lounge and I love using it and the integration with my iPhone (apart from photos - it sucks, and the rort iCloud is) but I can’t justify the cost of a decent machine in my business with their lack of interest in getting a worthwhile machine and monitor to the market and software deprecation being a major red flag.

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  7. 9 hours ago, line-weight said:

    I really do hope that VW have gone some way to addressing all this with VW2019

    Hopefully! Jim has commented the focus on 2019 was quality... but after 3 service packs and still the issues prevail, it points to larger issues in the software that can’t be fixed by patching. I really do hope 2019 is a stellar release... but on the flip side, Aus/NZ customers are gonna have to wait 2-3 months to update after release for it to be ‘localised’.

    11 hours ago, Gadzooks said:

    Always a difficult call.

    Certainly is - and there have been times when I’ve wondered if I’d done the right thing coming from Revit. Little things like the the callout tool, the laborious way to add additional dimensions... which become big things after a while. My right click menu has become stupidly big to get around some of the issues and save my hand (I’ve already got a trackball to combat RSI). 

    Having to make a decision to buy into a platform and workflow in the demo period is always a push - VW has some amazing tools that have made my life much better, but not being able to fully assess the impact of things like manual viewport updates and general instability leaves a taste in the mouth when the quirks and issues start to overtake productivity.

    I’m possibly setting up an office with three other designers and a planner; two of them use Archicad, the other on Revit looking to change. There will be no question where he will go when he sees the issues I have, and as much as I‘ve talked up the good points of VW, especially when I start swearing on multiple crashes, blacked out renders and getting coffee every time I need to render viewports... So it’s looking more and more like I’ll need to upskill to be able to share the workload between colleagues- 2019 will almost be a deal breaker if it’s a lemon.


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  8. Exactly - I’m getting frustrated with consistent freezing, crashing where it just vanishes - I’ve had to set 5m auto backup intervals because it’s so random. I moved a slab in small project today and it hung - tried the same thing a few different ways an the only thing that fixed it was saving with a new name!! 

    Sketch lines on forground hidden line now refuse to show on new projects... I have to turn sketch off to get hidden lines back, custom render works will all of a sudden stop working properly until I restart VW.... the callout tool that was ‘enhanced’ a version or two back was nothing short of half baked... the ‘sticky’...I could go on. When it goes, it runs great... until it starts slowing down...

    i’m 99.9% certain my issues aren’t the pc... I still have a Revit license to maintain for the last Revit project nearing completion and have been using a colleagues spare archicad seat to see if the grass is greener, both softwares run great to the point of ultimately reliable...

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  9. I'll second all that with regards to time spent drinking coffee looking at the teapot vs. hourly rate down the toilet. I don't do a lot of rendering - most of my work is top plan and drafting in viewport over model sections, but the update times for elevations, 3d's and model changes in edit section view re-renders were grating with an i7 4.2ghz quad core - its probably the biggest single issue I have with VW; coming from Revit there was no need to update anything and is the primary reason I can't move a couple of colleagues over the light. 

    The reduced time in those process alone makes me more productive, which makes me feel better overall.

    Plus given the VGM updates coming, more cores are worth considering. 


  10. I used intel cpus for ages and tried the threadripper - not looking back! I would go threadripper with a Corsair AIO cooler - I have the 12 core OC’d to 3.9 ghz and it absolutely flies. I’ve read that you should be able to OC the 16 core cpu up to the same. They are dead easy to OC as well.

  11. On 4/4/2018 at 5:01 AM, Thomas Wagensommerer said:

    We need vehicle swept path curves more than beautiful rendered images of a fire car. I am the boring type of person who prefers substance over eye candy. 


    Something Like this would be awesome... the cost is up there for the single car sweeps i have to do to prove to our NZ councils that people do actually know how to use a steering wheel...

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