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  1. It's probably not the ram clock that's the issue... 48gb is an odd number, meaning that the two sticks are not a matched pair and can't read and write in interleaved mode. Which as far as I can recall means it writes to both sticks simultaneously - when it can't there is a reduction in speed.

    I'd look at getting a matched pair of ram sticks with the rated clock speed for your CPU. Matched pairs go up in multiples - 16gb, 32gb, 64gb etc.

    If you've not overclocked, DDR5 5600 or higher(assuming the board is a DDR5 board) should do the business. 

    We've got two matched pairs of 32gb DDR5 5600 for 64gb in our 13900k rigs and they are flying with multiple acrobat docs, photo viewer, chrome tabs and occasionally YouTube running. 

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    Its 90% there.. except I can't fillet the tread cleat to the tyre wall. it will do one, then can't do anything else. Also I imagine adding additional detail like branding and other info that follows the tyre wall curve will also be tricky/impossible in VW. 

    Blender is looking like a goer.. so much cool stuff, like a plug in that does a weld style fillet..

    Steiger wheel 1.png


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  3. Just search on YouTube 'how to model a tractor tyre' and seee how advanced some of the modelling tools are in other softwares...

    I'm doing a scale model tractor as a 3d printing project... Started it in vw, but I'll have to go to blender.. or stump up for Rhino (it's totally a business cost ..)

  4. 11 minutes ago, line-weight said:

    That sounds much tidier than the Datasmith export system to me ... if it works.

    Oh it is... it's a brilliant workflow. It's just not quite there for me compared to the output I get in TM.. If you need to do renders on the fly I can't rate it highly enough; I usually wait until I get to a point in the project where its 'set' to render in TM, and any changes afterwards that will affect the render, I'll budget an hour or two to do a new TM render. That shed render above was literally 5 mins of work.. and that was just to drop trees, cars and landscaping assets plus adjusting the specular setting on the glass; so for clients who don't expect that sort of work for small  jobs like that, it's a bonus and blows their socks off for virtually no work. To do that in TM is probably 30 mins or so swapping textures, painting grass and finding/placing assets.

    Gotta say, I love the depth the built in Enscape sky projects. Just adding some Cirrus makes it feel huge.

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  5. You mean the right click? Try a different workspace... There are menu issues in the design suite workspace. Changing to the architect workspace fixed the problem for me.

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  6. That's good to hear that this is being worked on. Contour labelling needs to be controlled by the user... Not where vectorworks thinks. Revit has the best approach to this with its contour labelling tool - draw a line across the contours you want labelled. 

    Property line objects also need better segment labelling as well. They should be taggable to put control in the user's hands, dear I say it, like Revit. It's basic stuff that just adds wasted time to projects to get clear output.

  7. I've had a similar experience. An upgraded workspace was copied to our brand new training PCs and the all acted possessed. I ditched the workspaces and did a purge of other files and templates the other trainer brought for that interiorcad session and they worked beautifully on the next sessions.. 

    From that experience I recreate my template and workspace every new version..

  8. If you have an extruded object that is textured - say profiled metal sheeting, with the chosen colour on the top face and white on the underside, when turning into a surface array it will default the array to one colour. 

    This is super annoying when rendering things like commercial/industrial builds where you see the back face of the profiled metal with interior renders. In know I could just use textures for the cladding, but it looks rubbish when rendered compared to a surface array - more so when lit. The only option is to push up the complexity and duplicate the array with differing textures, either on top of the original or class them to switch them on or off for different render viewports or views when using an external engine - lots of extra work..


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  9. It's about time the callout tool, keynote legend and text were shown a bit of style love after markers got a makeover. It's a royal pain to have to have to keep changing settings to use these tools. It's worse if you want to add some visual flair with colour, bubble 'styles' with differing margins or boxed text. It's all painfully manual.

    With the styled markers we need callouts and text need to able to have this functionality for consistant annotations across the drawing set.

    Styles should:

    - Text, fill, leader line and bubble should be able to be independently styled

    - Margins per style

    - Text style per style

    - Set radius of rounded rectangle

    - Class assignment as part of style

    Style the Keynote legend -

    - Allow bubble options as per callout tool and ability to set radius of rounded rectangle.

    - Style fill

    - style text styles for title and body texts.

    Text Styles should include - 

    - Bubble stylings as per above with fill.

    - Its been asked many times over the years - rich text with better formatting options, bullet points... heck even Revit got rich text as a 'major enhancement ' a couple of years back..

    Screenshot 2023-04-14 092525.png

    Screenshot 2023-04-14 092655.png

    Screenshot 2023-04-14 094105.jpg

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  10. My bad - I thought it flew open briefly right at the beginning as it looked like the mouse hovered over the text layer.. just watched it back on half speed.. and it was Friday (here) and it's been a hectic few weeks... that's my excuse anyway lol!

    But... I bet they won't. Like most improvements or new features, it winds up being just short of the mark. Back referencing being a good example. Why on earth is there no global pref to always allow labels to always back ref?? Who thought having to dig into dialogs for every viewport was a good idea.. or am I missing something...

    Anyhoo.. instead of just adding a ribbonesq toolbar, the tool and attributes palettes are still a mess.. Attributes could be in the tool bar or in smart options, the tools could have been in a six segment smart options - having only four is just short of being game changing in having access to all tools under the cursor.

    In the current GUI, there are lots of places to do some things - not all - like visibility. This looks like a new coat of paint and reorg other than genuine workflow improvements.. with the exception of the text and size dropdowns... but how long has this been requested? With subs, the money needs to be put where the mouth is and follow through with really good, well thought out upgrades. If its nearly ready, where is the community involvement? you know, input from people who stare and curse at it daily?


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  11. This is a missed opportunity in the the class and layer drop downs could have had the visibility functionality of the palettes, thereby negating their need to be present...

  12. On 2/10/2022 at 3:39 AM, line-weight said:

    You can run twinmotion on mac but it looks like they regard windows users as higher priority - recent releases of TM have had features available to PC users but not mac users, who it seems have to wait in line before those things are made available.

    I don't think it's a case of prioritizing windows users, macs don't support hardware based raytracing which is what twinmotions pathtracer requires. Enscape utilizes raytracing and Nvidia's DLSS for AI based upsampling. So with apple not willing to play ball with raytracing hardware and other advances by more open entities rendering is going to streak ahead on windows machines.

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