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  1. My bad - I thought it flew open briefly right at the beginning as it looked like the mouse hovered over the text layer.. just watched it back on half speed.. and it was Friday (here) and it's been a hectic few weeks... that's my excuse anyway lol!

    But... I bet they won't. Like most improvements or new features, it winds up being just short of the mark. Back referencing being a good example. Why on earth is there no global pref to always allow labels to always back ref?? Who thought having to dig into dialogs for every viewport was a good idea.. or am I missing something...

    Anyhoo.. instead of just adding a ribbonesq toolbar, the tool and attributes palettes are still a mess.. Attributes could be in the tool bar or in smart options, the tools could have been in a six segment smart options - having only four is just short of being game changing in having access to all tools under the cursor.

    In the current GUI, there are lots of places to do some things - not all - like visibility. This looks like a new coat of paint and reorg other than genuine workflow improvements.. with the exception of the text and size dropdowns... but how long has this been requested? With subs, the money needs to be put where the mouth is and follow through with really good, well thought out upgrades. If its nearly ready, where is the community involvement? you know, input from people who stare and curse at it daily?


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  2. This is a missed opportunity in the the class and layer drop downs could have had the visibility functionality of the palettes, thereby negating their need to be present...

  3. On 2/10/2022 at 3:39 AM, line-weight said:

    You can run twinmotion on mac but it looks like they regard windows users as higher priority - recent releases of TM have had features available to PC users but not mac users, who it seems have to wait in line before those things are made available.

    I don't think it's a case of prioritizing windows users, macs don't support hardware based raytracing which is what twinmotions pathtracer requires. Enscape utilizes raytracing and Nvidia's DLSS for AI based upsampling. So with apple not willing to play ball with raytracing hardware and other advances by more open entities rendering is going to streak ahead on windows machines.

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  4. Just tested this - the text colour of a text style will change colour when assigned to a class with a different colour to the text style - but it unstyles the text in the process. What would be desirable I think, is for it to keep the text styled while still adopting class parameters like colour, so that if the text style is edited, will still update throughout the file.

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  5. Cheers ūüôā¬†I've noticed it looks subtly¬†better switching to Redshift - and renders a bit quicker too. The font is called DINCond I found after a hunt for a decent free condensed DIN font. I used the Barlow condensed google font for a while too - that looks very similar.

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  6. Did you want the actual sill component or just the window to look like it was made from an extrusion? I've managed to get the standard window tool to play ball.. windoor on the other hand leaves the sill thickness below the window on both sides and turning internal trim off turns off the reveal. ARGH. I've had far more 'joy' getting the standard tool to look more like reality lately...



  7. ctrl alt del, open task manager, select the the startup tab and disable every application that doesn't need to run at startup.  Pays to google what you are disabling in some cases, as the names of some application executable in the list aren't obvious..

  8. Since data tags arrived, I've stopped using the windoor tags and made custom data tags that you can tag windoor objects in either the design layer or viewport annotations - so much more flexible. There is a video on the ozcad site covering them and also how to display user field data as well. 

  9. I've got Big Sur on a 15" 2019 MBP, 2.3ghz 8 core, 32gb RAM running a Radeon RX580 8gb card in an eGPU with two 27" dell monitors at 2560x1440 - VW 2021 SP2 working as well as it did on Catalina except for fuzzy toolbar icons on the dell monitors running at native resolution.. all the other palettes and quick prefs are nice and crisp



  10. I do residential and light commercial - and model everything in VW, including the site and the 2d detailing work. These latter two areas alone are where I find ArchiCAD falls over, and I've found modelling in VW so much more direct and intuitive as well - especially for structural members.

    I also find its the little things - like add surface and clip surface, then extrude or convert to slab to name one, that speed up my work; I find Archicad's workflow arduous. V2021 made a number of great usability tweaks - the only major gripe I have left is updating viewports - which will hopefully evaporate once Redshift integration comes along.. 

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  11. If you can, hold out for the nvidia RTX 3000 series graphics cards being released for next week... they are significantly more powerful (and very well priced) than the RTX 2000 cards. Bear in mind that VW graphics requirements go up every year and 2021 will likely need more graphics oomph looking at the first teaser Tuesday. 

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