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  1. A quick scan of the ol’ google and it would appear archicad 19 ain’t getting a patch either - the last one being June 20, 2017. You can’t expect a small company (compared to say, Autodesk) with in a small highly competitive industry to dedicate resources to old software while trying to keep on top of bugs and developing software to keep users happy and stay competitive - especially on macOS where Apple have been pretty cutthrought in drawing lines in the sand to keep old software by other vendors going. OS development is beyond everyone’s control and companies need to make hard decisions, otherwise they go bust and there won’t be any more software...
  2. Just got this in my inbox... Protools is the defacto standard used globally in major recording and post production studios by the big name producers and engineers... a bit late I have to say.. but then none of these operations would have installed Mojave anyway...
  3. You don’t have to hang out here... it was posted on the support channel of the website months ago. I also got an email saying not to upgrade to Mojave the other week. It sucks for those who did upgrade - but lets employ some logic here. What was the current OS 2019 was developed on? 10.13. What was the current OS when 2019 was released? 10.13. So it stands to reason that there may be issues in a new OS released post VW 2019 development and release. Apple have never given a rats arse about their user base - they will always do what they think is best and develop the OS and the product as they see fit. I’m sure if they did, they wouldn’t have dropped the openGL bombshell from a stage. Did Vectorworks get an email from Apple about dropping open GL? Probabaly not.... Here’s an example.. when Apple brought Emagic for Logic Audio, they promptly did a version update from 5.5 to 6 - to basically kill the windows version - their arrogant response? Buy a Mac. Then they decided they wouldn’t support the then current cross platform plugin format VST and created Audio Units - meaning every single plug in developer now had to port their software to be AU compatible to work in Logic - and that took some time beyond the version released with AU; and just for good measure - they canned support for the then current cross platform audio computer to hardware interface streaming format ASIO and developed their own one - Core Audio. So now all the hardware vendors had to make new drivers; the fallout from this making a lot of hardware redundant with no drivers as the development costs weren’t worth it and they focused on newer or upcoming products. This made a lot of people, developers and companies incredibly angry and like everything, this furore is now lost in the mists of time; but I’ve never trusted Apple since and boy, it was a top learning experience. Compare that to making a poor judgment call to upgrade to a not supported OS is a drop in the ocean, so to say this doesn’t or shouldn’t happen is very naive. Anyhoo, by the time the first developer beta was released 2019 was likely feature locked and development was focused on bug fixing (yeah....) for the final build for release, so it stands to reason when Apple announce a new OS with OpenGL deprecation it was going to be a kick in the balls for VW. Graphisoft were most probably in a better position to deal with the issue having been at the end of development and had released Archicad 22 before Mojave was announced, so could tackle it quicker. I also bet there is a tonne of disclaimers in the small print of Apples’ developer agreement to access the developer betas, covering things like OS features announced, yanked or not included because of xyz reason and not being a done deal until the golden master is announced, so they don’t get sued. So VW rightly so don’t blow their engineering resource on something that could very well change at Apples whim and of course they don’t need to tell anyone.
  4. Lol fanboy... seriously, what is so amazing in Mojave that you just have to have it? I love new bells and whistles, but if it affects my income I’m not going there. If you browse my recent posts you’ll see I’m far from a fanboy. A few years back I upgraded my recording hardware with a new product from a long-standing audio manufacturer and a new OS rolled around - after six months of promises and no drivers it was getting annoying, but after 12 months it was frustrating considering the DAW software was moving on (these companies are VERY small) the hardware line was promptly discontinued with no driver support - so I know how this goes. At least in this game I don’t have worry about outboard hardware obsolescence... and in the grand scheme of things wating a few months for VW to work is nothing by comparison.. Like I said, all software works and is coded differently and I can only assume archicad is considerably different than vectorworks, so you are comparing apples with oranges, let alone the completely different development cycles of both. Jim has said its being worked on - so I’m not sure what more you want. I’m more concerned about the number of serious bugs highlighted after a week of 2019’s release than Mojave or Windows 10 1809 compatibility.
  5. Apple have historically been very cutthroat when it comes to significant changes in their OS and backwards compatibility, so this is hardly surprising; unlike Microsoft, who by comparison, have kept compatibility at the fore of their OS development - this has been used for years as a criticism to label windows as boring or stale. During beta phases of a new operating system version, the devs could add or yank any given feature or service that could have a big effect on VW late in development, so it’s Not wise to send your engineering team on what could be a wild goose chase once v1 of the OS drops. It is totally the right call to wait for the stated ‘golden master’ or public release of a major OS version. Betas of 10.14 that have been available for developers has certainly not long enough for a complicated program like Vectorworks to be banged into shape to work on release - it’s really only fine for app store developers. 2019 would have been well in development on 10.13 before 10.14 was announced with its bombshell - imagine the uproar if VW announced that 2019 was a windows only release and that they’d gone back to the drawing board with the macOS version because of Mojave. Every software works differently and has differing development cycles, so you can’t compare this situation with other vendors as well. @Jim Wilsongave a tonne of feedback and warnings that users should not upgrade to Mojave - I also got a email from my distributor warning against it - which to my mind is exceptional duty of care to the Mac user base. To be honest I can’t sympathise with those who have upgraded and are complaining about not being able to work given the amount of warnings on this forum. Accusing Vectorworks of incompetence over a OS development cycle they have no control or input to is seriously not fair. There are many software companies - or just cad/bim companies - in this boat with Apple and the way they manage their software.
  6. @twk Awesome - that is basically it! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Also to @Matt Panzer - thanks for your tool as well - both will be incredibly useful! @Jim Wilson any chance these functions can be rolled into the stock VW tool?
  7. Great stuff - now if this could be a native tool with all the other great ideas we'd have a rockin' line break tool! Its a bit surprising to say the least - when you have usability requests going back 14 years..for a basic tool.
  8. Totally agree with this. I worked at an archicad practice before going out on my own - they had massive problems with speed and crashing and calling/emailing cadimage for help. When I was deciding which platform to invest in I sat down with cadimage during the course of the discussion, and they rolled their eyes and pointed to the ancient template they used that had been upgraded through many versions and had told them many times to redo it because archicads database had gone through so many changes.... they also had a bizarre policy of skipping a version - so as well as subjecting the template to a bigger translation to a new format, their trading slipped and they were so backward in how they used it. Even though that story isn’t VW, the advise i think is fairly universal - keep the template lean and do a new one every few versions, keeping symbols in dedicated library files.
  9. While we're at making this tool more awesome - how about splitting it out to have a text callout (fixing the justifcation in the process!) and a keynote callout in the flyout menu? When you use keynotes for sections and elevations then switch over to text callouts for detailing, you have to go and set it all up again and vice versa.
  10. How the competition works... which is also very much like Archicad. Autodesk Revit 2019 - [Project1 - Floor Plan_ Level 1] 2018-09-20 11-55-53_Trim.mp4
  11. Also to add to this wish while I'm currently using it - can the tool ignore the veiwport scale in annotation view? It is intensely frustrating to set this up for one viewport only to have the head text size and fillet radius go out of whack for another differently scaled viewport.
  12. Can the break line tool be enhanced with an adjustable solid fill behind like the attached? The fill should have adjustable handles that can be used to make it cover extraneous line work without needing to fiddle in a dialog box.. like the detail callout tool. Can the line break also have a definable lineweight in its options so it can be set? I usually give a thicker weight to stand out and having to change it everytime or copy is just another step. This would be a small functional enhancement, yet big detailing time saver!
  13. In my version the beam is rotated 90 degrees in top plan view. For example, a 200mm x 50mm beam it is 200mm wide in top plan view and in any 3D view it’s 50mm wide - the correct orientation. Rotate the profile and it’s right in top plan but not in 3D.... was a promising feature...gave up on it very early on.
  14. That would be a better look - anyone reading this and a couple of other 2019 threads after looking at the glossy publicity would be sensing some red flags... Here's a good example of open community testing for a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) ... don't let the price fool you - the platform is incredibly powerful and has many long time protools users (the defacto standard in the industry) migrating to it due to bugs and Avid's arrogance toward its user base...
  15. With the amount of quite serious bugs that have come to light in less than a week and confirmation of longstanding broken features not fixed, is it time for a renewed call for open beta testing or an insider preview setup like MS have been doing for Windows 10?
  16. Yup - I can't see any reason any software would suddenly not work with 10.13.. there's certainly nothing groundbreaking in Mojave, just some nice carrots..!
  17. Because if you buy a new mac soon it will have Mojave preloaded... and you'll have to muck around back-dating it. But if refreshed macs come out soon as well, that might not be possible. A total pain for those hanging out from more powerful macs.
  18. That's looking very cool! Andrea's tools are excellent - I happily pay for them and the contribution for me anyway, is hugely appreciated and can't be overstated; but why should someone have to come up with a solution for a standard feature on buildings? I'm not fussed if its not an all encompassing tool but does most of what I'd like to achieve; anything that helps is better than the status quo! @BillV - certainly not small, hence the quotes. It seems that these things fall into the bracket of 'there's a way to do it so its OK'. Just looking at the comments related to 2019, people (especially longtime users) are getting considerably more vocal about some of the official buzzwords for this release in terms of the tools and delivering on customer feedback... I'd prefer this gutter and downpipe tool in a roof tool that could deal with roof overhangs properly over fluff like the new image features i'll probably hardly use...
  19. I absolutely agree... Its awesome that someone is out there plugging the gaps (that downspout tool is a godsend!!), but VW need to seriously come to the party on the 'small' stuff
  20. I can only imagine it is difficult to code a tool that would cover all scenarios if you aren't a NVW employee with access to all the code. The foliage tool is probably a good example where it was acquired and integrated to a higher level than could have been otherwise?
  21. A local practice that was a longtime vectorworks user has just gone fully archicad for this reason...
  22. Does it do brackets? That would be a nice bit of detail if it can 🙂 If it could include the downspout tool but work from the gutter level down would make it easyier to use for setting the heights, elbow positions and bracket spacings. Like Jonathan has mentioned - we really need the functionality of the coverings tool. Andrea's Elements plugin can be used to replicate sidings with a bit of work. In a sense its a bit of a double edged sword - community input is a great thing, but at which point does it become a bit embarrassing when the 'tools Architects need' are add on's from part time developers?
  23. Yep - its easy to slip into a negative frame of mind when the issues and small workflow things start to to become big things (crashing though is always a big thing...), but the takeaway from all the updates since I've been a user is that there seems to be a genuine drive to listen to users, incorporate wishes as well as improve the status quo in the day to day performance and existing tools. You only have to look at Revit updates and the stuff that users have been asking for years.. which is usually answered by a "buy our other productthats not in your overpriced bloated bundle!' answer (looking at you Autocad Civil3d for Revit site modelling) with the abhorrent pricing structure and bundling of useless software. The variety of updates is fantastic and heartening to a large degree - but the proof is in the pudding when it comes to stability in use for sure.
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