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    Reshape Tool with Rectangles

    Add convert to polygon to your right click menu - makes it a super quick job.
  2. Aspect_Design

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD the new AMD Ryzen 3950x 16 core cpu dropping in November looks to be a beast of a cpu - faster and cheaper than anything Intel can stump up. Pair that with a rtx2080 or rtx280ti it should chomp through anything thrown at it. I’ve currently got a 12 core AMD threadripper and a gtx1080ti and it blasts through VW renders and Twinmotion considerably faster than my 2019 MBP with an egpu.
  3. Jeepers - why on earth would the 2d stuff be done in AutoCAD? At the Revit practice I worked at, everything including the details was done in Revit. Its 2d drafting capability is slightly above rudimentary, but still totally usable and hatches can be imported .pat files from AutoCAD. Seems a bit disjointed..
  4. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov is it possible in the 'project revision history' worksheet to show all the revisions and equivalent issue number or add a column to the 'sheet revision log' worksheet to show the issue at the time of revision? At present the 'project revision history' worksheet only shows a new entry when a new issue is generated and the revisions at that point (completely excludes issue 2 in the attached example) - it seems odd that a revision history worksheet doesn't chart all the revisions. To correlate the missing revisions you need the sheet revision log worksheet issue and revisions requires cross referencing both worksheets - would be great to have this info in one place. Some clients will argue that they shouldn't have to pay for revisions they can't see... 😣 like in the attached when there are 3 revisions but only two logged in the project revision history. Also makes things less cluttered not having worksheets everywhere. Awesome work on title blocks v3 btw 😀 Thanks!
  5. Autoturn online is now integrated into VW - does this provide what you are looking for?
  6. Aspect_Design

    Revision History Worksheets

    @Sean Harrington Architects did you guys resolve this? If you didn't - you have to have an issue number for the revision fields to start populating.
  7. Aspect_Design

    2021 Architecture Wishlist

    Stairs and windows/doors/Windoor... for the love of god throw us a 🍖 VW. The competition is absolutely stiffing you guys on this... and losing users.. If I can add to that awesome list... 11) wall coverings - like archicads cadimage tool. Needs to do wall cladding, roofing and roof flashings. 12) while you guys are redoing windows and doors - we need a much improved window scheduling system- one with clear and at scale elevations that either have or can be dimensioned. Worksheets for this purpose are rubbish, and again, archicad smacks you down on this one.
  8. Aspect_Design

    Stair Tool Rehab for 2050

    Feature request.... allow to vote more than once!
  9. By 'a' are we talking about one library? This/these should have the highest priority to revise - its insane that we are limited to 3 cores when AMD and Intel are going core crazy in their desktop CPU's to get around the fact that they can't increase speeds due to temperature and fabrication issues. At least AMD have some respectable base clock speeds - Intel's are terrible at decent core counts and both seem to only want to publicise their boost clock speeds for one-upmanship - intel being the worst again and bad for macs.. It becomes a real problem upgrading when other applications you use have no limits and the main one you use is still dragging the chain making your purchasing decision potentially degrade the performance of other apps because of the core/single core clock speed trade off.
  10. Aspect_Design

    Saved Worksheet Row Heights not Sticking

    bumpity bump bump...
  11. Aspect_Design

    Lumion Ingratiation is Amazing

    Lol like JJ Abrams films... some hate but I love a good ol’ flare - it’s kinda become his thing! Awesome renders - will have to get the demo... the Twinmotion integration (if it happens) could be a while... 😕
  12. https://www.graphisoft.com/info/news/press_releases/graphisoft-and-epic-games-announce-co-marketing-agreement.html Is there anything in the pipeline?
  13. Aspect_Design

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Any news on the live sync plugin?
  14. Aspect_Design

    Thanks for making computer work fun again!

    @jeff prince Glad to help 👍 BTW - that looks really cool!!
  15. Is there a tag function that can report the length of a line? Bracing in NZ is represented on a plan view by a dashed line along a wall (between other walls and windows/doors) and the length of each line equates a a figure representing bracing units. I've made a tag that will pick up the line name and sequentially number the braces, but I need it to pick up the line length... is this possible? I have a worksheet schedule that can report the line (via class), brace type (via attached record) and length - but I can't get it to automatically sequentially number the line entries...
  16. Aspect_Design

    VW Reference file

    Piece of cake! In the site file, go to View>Create Viewport - when the 'create viewport' dialog opens, go to the layer drop down and select your site layer. The 'select viewport source' dialog box will open - select the 'external document' radio button, then click 'choose' and browse to your building file. Once selected, Click OK and that should be it 😀 It will help immensely if the building ground floor has been modeled at a z height of 0 upward - you'll need to lift the building model once imported to the site model file up to the correct level relating to the site mesh - the finished floor level will be in the OIP whenthe referenced model is selected.
  17. Aspect_Design

    Scale Bar

    What would be awesome is if you could select the scale manually - so you could have an A1 scale bar and an A3 scale bar on the same page and be able to place it on the sheet layer rather than inside the annotation layer, so you don't have to keep adjusting its position if you move the viewport...
  18. Aspect_Design

    Computers + Managing the Fleet

    I've been building my machines since I bought my first machine from a shop in 1999 for writing and recording music... when my friend (and my band's bass player) ripped the side off it it was completely de-mystified.. this big case had hardly anything in it... I few years back I worked for a small structural engineering firm (the PC's were built by an IT company) who wanted to roll out Revit; my machine crashed every 1-2 hours (they blamed the software (cos it ran AutoCAD OK). I'd had a guts full of this after a week and informed the boss I was looking inside (he freaked out) - as I expected all budget parts, but the company assured him it was up to spec. To his credit he let me build a machine for Revit and it never crashed again... so I ended up building a few more and we never had any major PC problem while I was there (the network and appalling server install is another story... 😲) I guess my point is if you can find a company that will build a machine to your spec so that you know exactly whats in them will enable upgrading with better CPU's (socket/chipset allowing), more RAM, new video cards etc - it'll absolutely cushion the massive cost in doing a full system upgrades if they have upgrade tweaks. I've used nothing but Corsair (PSU, Ram), ASUS & Gigabyte (mainboard), either ASUS, EVGA or Sapphire (graphics) & Dell monitors for around 10 years now and the builds have been rock solid. With more stuff directly on the mainboard (wifi and bluetooth etc) driver issues are virtually non existent now and I can pack it into smaller cases. This is where vendors like Dell etc will change things based on profit margins - they might sell a grunty machine, but it might have a budget motherboard chipset bottlenecking the GPU... these specs are really hard to get out of these companies and why I'd totally avoid them. Apologies for the spiel - hopefully there's something useful in it 😁
  19. Aspect_Design

    Win 10 Tweaks

    Nothing for Linux as far as I know 🤔I sit on the bleachers watching the linux world..occasionally checking out a release
  20. Aspect_Design

    Win 10 Tweaks

    There's a free app in the Microsoft store called quick look that does just that 👍
  21. Aspect_Design


    Bump. @Jim Wilson is there anything official on Structural Tool issues? Great tool on paper but completely unusable... especially in polyline insertion mode
  22. And to make it more confusing in NZ.... my Nulook windows (NZ aluminium window manufacturer) architects manual has all the windows like the left example!
  23. Aspect_Design

    Section / Elevation Settings

    Ohh its such a frustrating and rigid piece of expensive rubbish... Where to begin... Site modelling is practically nonexistant, every thing you model to reuse has to be a 'family' - these have preset parameters of what it can be called and classed as that are fixed (unlike VW classes where you make your own), no window tool (again needs to be a family - and to be useful made parametric - this is HOURS of work), it will say it can't do a certain thing you want it to do and not tell you why - just throws up cryptic error windows, free form modelling is arcane (massing even more so!) and hits PC performance, working in 3d was next to impossible (but I think they've gone some way to making it easier), so many more things...oh and cost😱 Even though VW has its fair share of issues and weird ways of doing things, I love it so much more than Revit or Archicad. Plus this forum - its one of the best I've found for product support, company interaction, sense of community and users voices to improve the product. @Acip79 I stopped using hatches long ago - it was time consuming and fiddly. I build my components with textures with no hatches (i get them from here most off the time) and then create my viewports when I make up the sheet sets. If your computer isn't that powerful, you can do some lower quality renders or use Open GL for background rendering to see what the output like is to save time, then make them higher quality for the set that goes out. I always use hidden line without hatches to give the background render a nice edge.
  24. Aspect_Design

    Section / Elevation Settings

    Around 30 secs for the elevation in the screenshot in my post with a 12 core Threadripper. Sheet layer dpi is set to 200 - I've found it to be the best trade off for file size vs. clarity. Revit does what I generate now on the fly and in live viewports that you could zoom in and would be super crisp - this was my biggest beef when I switched (still is...). This is the main reason I can't consider a Mac, I'd be rendering forever and would not help my coffee intake at all... I do so much of the design in 3D I only ever create elevation viewports when I'm ready to publish the plans - it forced me to be more disciplined with classing and setting up a structure that is quick to turn on/off what you need (especially when clients make changes 😡) in order to do one render pass through my two elevation sheets. The clients seem to like the output - so that's all that matters to me and I can go get a coffee 😁


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