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  1. quote: Originally posted by AndyM: I could use more interior textures. More types of carpet wood/tile floors and walls. I agree, especially if they use the other shader options beyond just Image Color quote: Originally posted by AndyM: There have also been a lot of times when I would have LOVED to access the image file the texture is based on to change something. Please make these image files available. I pretty sure the texture folder in VW 10 contains the image files used to create the Image Color. I'll have to check when I get home tonight.
  2. Generally, it seems for Renderworks CPU speed is the primary factor in acclerating rendering times, Ram comes next, then the Video card. I think only Open GL Rendering uses the Video Card accleration, so if its ray trace rendering your concerned with the CPU speed is the most important. Also remember that VW isn't optomised for dual processors, so that won't acclerate the rendering time either, but it will allow you to work in another program while renderworks renders in the background. Good Luck
  3. Several files by CSI Division would be Ideal for us.
  4. quote: Originally posted by SDesign: I would like to see textures of most of the common roofing materials including roof tiles, metal deck and corrugated roofing. Different colours for each of the materials are needed \ The different colors could be handled by making the textures filtered images instead of just image color. I'd like to see some Default textures that give good values for the other shader options beyond just the Image color. For instance a good Laminate texture that sets up the reflectivity and the bump to accuratly simulate different types of laminates. What I still find difficult sometimes, is knowing which attribute of which shader to adjust to get the reflectivity and bump that will make any given texture look realistic, Often mine are too shiny or have no surface texture at all. Thanks
  5. The architect tools only work when running VW under an architect serial number. So if you run VW under a standard Serial number the Architects plugins will not work. Good Luck
  6. quote: Originally posted by krw: I tried the download from Unsanity.com but I can't get it to work. I guess I will have to deall with a smaller drawing area. AAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!! I don't think any of the 3rd party window shade programs will work on palettes, Not that its any consolation, but word and excel have the same problem.
  7. I've heard the cycle is 18 to 24 months
  8. Here's another using your dimension, its got some hard lines in it still, it think if I added more circles inbetween the top square and the bottom circle it might smooth out some.
  9. quote: Originally posted by Tylerp: I've seen others attach images to their messages, but I couldn't fugure out how to do that, otherwise I'd show you. t. You need to host the image somewhere, then when you reply look under the reply window and it will have an image button, hit that and then you can enter the address of the image. Here what I did really quickly (10min.) Basic Nurbs Loft Rendered Its a little rough, but like I said it was done in 10 min. I don't know if this is what your after but its what I thought you said Good Luck
  10. You could draw several sections thru the funnel in addition to the top and the bottom to try to control the curve of the connection between the ends. Does that make any sense?
  11. Have you tried the loft tool. It should do exactly what you want.
  12. hong, we have the same problem, we cannot update a refernce across the network if another user has the referenced file open. I figured its a limitation of the program and we have come to live with it. Another problem we have is if you change the visibility of a referenced class in the target file, every time the reference is update (usually when opening the file) the elements on the invisible classes are visible until you force a redraw by either opening and closing the classes dialogue, or using a saved sheet. The invisible classes aren't changed to visible in the class dialogue, they are just visible (but not selectable) until you force the redraw. Anyone else seen this one?
  13. Here's my best Kalwall to date Its actually done with the Constant shader. Over time I've come to realize that you cant see thru Kalwall so you don't want any transparency. What you want is for the material to look illuminated. The constant shader makes it appear glow, remember that it won't emit light, so you have to add light sources to fake the transmission of light thru the kalwall. The lines in the kalwall were done using the grid color option under the color shader and making it fuzzy under the grid color options. Now if you want to see shadows thru it like a Japanese screen, I've had good results faking the shadows onto an image based texture in photoshop, rather than trying to get Renderworks to do the work. The Renderworks rendering engin just isn't capable of doing this type of effect on its own. Good Luck [ 06-03-2003, 04:49 PM: Message edited by: MikeB ]
  14. The sun is a directional light source, meaning its physical position has no bearing on the source. Directional lights mimic the effect of the sun by emitting rays in a parallel direction indicated by the light object. What this means in normal language is the physical location of the sun dosent matter. the light given by the object will all come from the same direction. The light has no source, and the object that represents the light is only there so you can select something, and adjust its attributes. Does this make any sense? Good Luck
  15. 4 of us out of 14 have upgraded to OS 10.2.6. 2 of us have noticed that VW appears to slow down over time requiring a restart of the application to get us back up to speed. Has anyone else noticed this? OS 10.2.6 G4 733 256-640 Mb Ram VW 9.5.3
  16. I think this feature was added to the shell tool in VW 10
  17. When I export renderings I usually export them at about 3000 pixels wide by 2000 pixels tall with the dpi set at 300. This will give me a nice sharp image printed out of photoshop at 11 x 17, and can be blown up to around 30" wide to plot on our HP 455 CA (Large format plotters plot at signifigantly lower dpi then smaller printers, so an image printed on our Hp 455 at 150 dpi looks the same as an image printed at 300 dpi) I do this by using the "export image file" command under the "export" options under the "file" menu. The two numbers in the upper left hand corner of the export image dialogue are the pixel dimension, they are constrained, so setting one will automatically set the other. Good Luck
  18. No problem, I seem to be the master of the obvious, and believe me it's not always a blessing.
  19. Did you try " Convert Copy to Lines" under the Tool menu?
  20. This has been discussed several times, search the rendering forum and you should be able to find several links. The only one I know off the top of my head is www.3dcafe.com Good Luck
  21. quote: Originally posted by Dave Donley: FWIW, Cinema4D and 3D Studio are completely unrelated to the LightWorks rendering engine. Maxon (who makes C4D) is not in the business of rendering libraries licensed to CAD vendors, as LightWorks is. Thanks for the clarification. Does that mean the Maxon has created its own rendering engine, or do they license it from someone other than Lightwork?
  22. quote: Originally posted by Dave Donley: Hello Mike: Maxon coded their own rendering engine. They are really making inroads in the Hollywood scene, apparently. Some members of the company were here for a distributors meeting and showed a cool "reel" of Cinema4D stuff, including the titles from Spiderman (the webby-looking credits) and some scenes of Rome from Gladiator. Thanks again, I've been considering adding C4D to my workflow. I've been looking on www.renderosity.com at the C4D gallery for awhile now, there are some outstanding renderings posted there. There's something about a well done C4D rendering that is almost hyper real, kind of reminds me of the super-realist painters, more real than reality. Anyway, I suppose if RW feature set dosen't change in the near future, C4D will be the next logical step for me. Again, thanks for the info
  23. quote: Originally posted by Yovav: After reading the new above I clicked my way to LightWorks site and found that their product line contain much more than Alltivec. Radiosity Rendering, sketch rendering and some new way of sharing resources like textures and materials call LWA. Are we going to see those functions in RenderWorks? There was a similar thread on the VW mailing list last week, Several people have noticed that although C4D and RW use the same rendering engine, they have very different capabilities, what people need to understand is I think they all (RW, C4D, FormZ, 3DS) use the Lightwork engine, its just that they license different parts ( http://www.lightwork.com/lw_home.htm ). To get more rendering capability out of RW really wouldn't be too difficult (I think?) its just a matter of hitting a price point that NNA thinks will make the product profitable. Honestly, how many people would be willing to pay $600 to $1200 for RW. (I believe to just get the advanced rendering module to add to C4D is something like $600) I would, but I'd say most VW users don't need or want that kind of capability. Anyway my 2 cents [ 04-30-2003, 09:57 AM: Message edited by: MikeB ]
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