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  1. We've reciently aquired a G4 450 with Os 9 I have found VW to be unstable on this machine Is anyone else having problems as well We have several older Macs and some blue and white G'3's but the G4 seems unstable compaired to these older machines thanks
  2. If you are doing photo real rendering what we do is export the perspective as a image file, open it in photoshop and then scan photos of people or use a digital camera and add them to a 2 dimensional image. With some photo manipulation you can fake shadows for both people and trees that are convincing and will match the shadows from the exported model. We've found this to be much more sucessful than trying to add people and trees to the 3-D Cadd document. 3-D people and Trees tend to take up an enormous amout of memory and are usually chunky. They will also slow down the rendering engine. Good Luck
  3. This is just a suggestion. I saw somewhere else in this BB that if you turn off your graphics accleration extensions the problem seems to go away. We have done this one machine and havent had any problems, and we havent seen a drastic loss in performance.
  4. yes, but you have to launch VW first instead of simply double click the file to both open it and launch VW. Also even if VW 8.5.1 is running and you double click the file from the finder It tries to open with 8.0 which after installing 8.5.1 I threw away, so the system cannot find it and sort of gives up. Rebuilding the desk top somehow lets the system know to use VW 8.5.1 to open VW files. I don't fully understand what happens but rebuilding the desk top definitely makes things work correctly.
  5. Yeah, we have 14 Mac workstations and every time we upgrade we have to rebuild the desk top. It has something to do with the system understanding what application to use to open a file. Actually I do it every so ofen anyway just as a maintance issue. Glad to be able to help
  6. OH ! Thanks I hadn't tried that.
  7. I have an item for the wish list It would be nice to be able to trim walls in the same way we can trim lines. As it is we have to find the end point of the wall and drag it back to the point where we want to terimnate it.
  8. If you are using a mac you need to throw away the 8.0 folder and then rebuild your desk top. You do this by restarting while holding down the option and apple keys until a window appears that asks if you really want to rebuild your desk top. Click yes. This should solve the problem. If your on a pc I dont know what to tell you.
  9. I have loaded the most recient font from my g4 system cd and it worked better but it would crash the plotter no matter if it was plain helvetica or what. so I switched back to the Helvetica from an os 8.6 system cd and I simply try not to use Helvetica Italic. I havent noticed any problems in other applications but I try to pay more attention.
  10. I have a Mac G4 450 w/ 256 MB ram OS 9. If I use the Helvetica Font and make it italic it becomes invisible (also using OS8.6) and causes VW to crash when I zoom to page. If I use helvetica oblique instead everytings OK. I was just wondering if anyone else noticed this problem. Its particularly annoying when I try to open older documents that were created befor this problem started.
  11. Make sure your virtural memory is on. we've had to pump it up pretty high sometimes and then reset the vectorworks allocation as high as 175 MB in order to render, depending on the complexity of the Image. But our memory errors have alway been related to Virtural Memory vs VW memory allocation
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