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  1. Reflectivity and Transparency are huge memory hogs and will slow you down substantially, so will multiple light sources. If you can minimize these things your rendering should be somewhat faster, but, the thing to remember is, raytrace rendering is slow. It's the nature of the beast. A faster processor would be the only way to quarentee a speed improvment. More ram may help a little, and with Raytrace rendering in RW the Vidio card really dosent matter much. Good Luck
  2. Or better yet, if the Layer/Class dialogue could be expanded to allow us to choose which saved sheets the new Layer/Class would be visible in and which they wouldn't. That would be perfect
  3. Sound like your "Class Options" have been switched to "Show Others" Go to your organize menu and make sure the "Class Options" are set to "Show/Snap/Modify Others" Good Luck
  4. I Wish, I Wish, I Wish, that when you create a class or a layer there was an option to make that class or layer either visible or invisible in all saved sheets. The defaut is to make it invisible, but the way I work 95% of the time I'd rather have them visible. Thanks
  5. Then why don't you just move the line?
  6. quote: Originally posted by Brian Lackey: When I draw walls, then "select all" and then move the selection as "one", it stretches the wall(s) instead. I use the crosshair icon when my mouse moves over the selection. I have to group, then move, then ungroup. I never had this issue in 9.5. This is a new feature in 10 that allows walls to stay joined when you move them. It's actually very useful. To disable it, deselect the last mode button when the selection tool is active, this will cause the selection tool to work as it had in VW 9 Good Luck
  7. The "None" Class and the "Dimension" Class cannot be removed, they are required by VW for certain things, they can be renamed, but not removed. There may be others used in Plug-ins or symbols but I'm not sure. Good Luck
  8. quote: Originally posted by Kristen: I don't know if this is exactly what you want, but you can get a very nice fake "glow" by creating a texture with constant reflectivity. Though they don't actually cast any light, this makes nice looking luminaires and computer screens. I haven't tried it, but I believe you can use this in combination with setting "color" to be an image, so you could probably get a glowing computer screen or TV screen with a picture on it. You are correct, but like you said it will not actually give off light. You'll have to put point or a spot right in front of the screen to fake the luminousity. In RW you cannot make an object a light source. Good Luck
  9. quote: Originally posted by Katie: Copying files on the same hard drive or on another hard drive does not save you in the event a hard drive goes bad. Once it goes, so does most of the infomration on a hard drive. You may want to seriously outweigh the benefits of a burner or tape deck over duplicating a file on the same or additional hard drive. I solve this by using two backup hard drives. This way I have 3 copies on 3 seperate drives (the origional on my harddrive and 2 copies on two other seperate drives), the possibility of all three failing at one is pretty small. Just my 2 cents
  10. I don't know Kurt, I just did it on ours and it works. We have an server with 14 macs networked, the Jet Direct Box come off the network and into a HP 455 CA. Maybe hold the button down for 30 seconds or so.
  11. Here's my totally unprofessional opinion of the importance of different components for VW. 1.Clock speed- By far the most important, Nothing else matters if you cant crunch the numbers fast enough. 2. Bus speed- Some may differ with me on this but how fast a computer can move information is very important. 3. Ram - Once I get over 512 I really cant tell that much of a difference anymore 4. Vidio Card- I don't use Open GL so a decent card seems to work fine. Again this is just my opinion, but when I buy my next machine this is how I'll look at it. Good Luck
  12. There should be a button on top of the Jet Direct box that says "Test" I believe if you push this is will print a test sheet that has the IP address on it. Good Luck
  13. It sounds like you are not creating a copy of your file. An alias is like a short cut to get to a file from another location on your computer. Open your origional file, and I'm willing to bet your changing it. You should be copying the file, the easiest way to do this is to save the file under a different name in VW. But a better back up strategy would be to have a external storage devise that you copy all of your data to at the end of each day. There a several small external hard drives available now in the under $100 range. good Luck
  14. You have to have RW 10 to work with VW 10, but you can export your file to VW 8 and use your current liscense for VW8 and RW8. Remember RW is not a stand alone program, it is a plug in for VW, you will have to have VW 8 installed for RW 8 to function. Good Luck
  15. quote: Originally posted by Chris D: No one's yet convinced me VW shouldn't have Viewports, but: The equivalent functionality could be acheived by having layer-link clipping and layer-link scaling, which are probably strightforward to acheive. Anyone fancy writing a script? That has been on the wish list for a very long time. Hopefully in VW 11
  16. I just tested it and a recursion level of 4 seems to solve the problem. I also don't see the problem using the final renderworks option. The issue is with overlapping transparent objects, the lower recursion levels won't allow you to see thru all the transparent layers.
  17. Try using custom renderworks with the recusion level set at 9. I have a funny feeling this is the problem Good Luck
  18. Oops, I just noticed you said with out layer links, sorry
  19. quote: Originally posted by Chris D: You want your plans side by side on your title sheet - how do you achieve this without layer links? Personally, I would have a Full scale base sheet layer with my base sheet, then I would have my 1st floor plan layer visible at 1/8" or whatever. My second floor plan layer would be invisible, but I would layer link the second floor plan into the first floor layer. Then I would unlock the Second floor layer link and move it to the location that I want it in. It will stay there, and it will update with the changes to the second floor plan in the second floor layer. It took me awhile to realize that you can move layer links, and they will retain their new position and update, unlike workgroup references that revert back to their origional position after updating. I will have to say, as has been said many many times, VW biggest weakness is not having the ability to crop layer links and workgroup references. If NNA can acomplish this one thing, VW would become a much more productive tool, at least for me
  20. MikeB


    You may want to create some "billboards" out side of the scene that will create a reflective environment that will give the surface of the metal some variation. I've also found the chrome shader to produce good results when trying to represent bare metal finishes. Good Luck [ 12-10-2003, 08:57 AM: Message edited by: MikeB ]
  21. Alexandre is right, Layers and classes are very different organizational tools. Layers are used for placing objects in space, where one layer is above or below another where Classses are used for identifing what an object is but not where it is. Sort of like if the objects we create were animals the Layer is the habitate the animal lives in and the Class would be the species. Good Luck
  22. quote: Originally posted by propstuff: The work I do on VW is all 3D furniture design, and usually done with different components on different layers. cheers, N. Instead of using layers, try using classes and groups. This is what I do. You can group the pieces of your various components and then apply a class to the group. Good Luck
  23. Yea, make sure both layers are in the 2D view. Good Luck
  24. Also if your getting distortion thru the glass the refraction setting in the glass shader may be set too high. Move it to the left and see if the distortion clears up. Good Luck
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