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  1. I am running High Sierra and want to start a new project using VW 2018 but having issues with running out of memory. My machine: iMac 3.5 i7, 16 GB memory and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4 GB. The file is just getting started so it is very very light but when I try to just design layer reference my civil plan (which is only 15 MB file) my CPU usage goes over 100% and Vectorworks stops responding. I'm just force quitting out. Given how light the file is now - I have little hope that upgrading to 32 GB memory is the solution. I'm about to give up and just use VW 2017, but frustrated that there are still compatibility issues after both High Sierra and 18 have issued updates. I've read the other posts about compatibility and my issues appear to be consistent. I've been using VW for over two years now and I must say - I've used Revit and Archicad in the past and never had the types of problems and limitations that I have experienced with VW.
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