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  1. Thanks for all who looked in on this one. After multiple emails to Strydent (who make PowerPrint) I was finally told: "We have not tested with any Carbonized applications and would not besupporting them. At present time we have no release date or schedule for an OS X version ofPowerPrint." They just lost my vote. I guess it's time to look into a Mac-based printer. Who's got good or bad things to say about any 11x17-size printers? Thanks again, all. Geoffrey Cunningham
  2. Thanks for the ideas. I did upgrade to CarbonLib 1.5, but this had no effect on the problem. My Printer Driver is: USB LaserJet 4, version 5.0. I use the software PowerPrint, which enables me to use the HP printer 4V (pc based) with my Mac, via a USB-to-serial connector. I reinstalled that software with its drivers, but it did not help. And I'm not sure I can fault that software, since VW 9.5 is the only application that has this problem.
  3. G4/OS9.2.2 Hello all. I've just upgraded to VWA 9.5, and now when using the page setup window,the only way I can make any of my settings work is to make my choices(percentage size, paper orientation, paper selection) the default. If Ichange something in the page setup window for a particular document, anddon't make that change the default via the settings window, when I sendthe print command the page setup window comes up again, and shows thatthe change has not stuck. And then making the change once again, theorder to print produces only the original settings. And why does thepage setup window come up when the command to print is sent? Thishappens even if I've made my settings the default. Also, the print preview no longer works. None of this is happening in VW 8.5.2, or any other of my programs fromwhich I print. I've seen nothing in the archives of the discussion list, and was hoping somebody here mightrecognize something I'm missing. TIA Geoffrey Cunningham
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