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  1. Hi All,


    Wanted to get a sense of what workflows people are using lately to model and document vertical positions.


    Since the introduction of 2020, we now have 3 options.. Schematic View, DLVP, and straight modeling + 3D viewports.


    Are people using Schematic View successfully in real applications? I demoed the feature when 2020 first came out and immediately ran into problems with fixtures not showing up correctly, especially with regards to 3d orientations set to a value other than default.


    I try to just get away with modeling vertical positions in position whenever I can, and only resort to DLVP when I really have to. It seems like 3D label legends have matured enough since their introduction that it is a pretty decent solution. I just want to make sure it's not a total *dinosaur* move to continue the DLVP workflow.

  2. Just downloaded and opened up VW2020 - not to pile on to a dead horse here, but good lord what happened to all the icons???


    The new art style feels like a step back - it's just a bit too cartoony and feels more visually cluttered/harder to digest at a glance.

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  3. Hi All,


    I finally had an application to use the somewhat new and fancy looking Drawing Stamp tool embedded in the Title Block Border uber object.


    I was able to get everything dialed in the way I want it EXCEPT, for the fill opacity of the drawing stamp text. I cannot figure out how change fill opacity to 50% or similar, so that it does not totally block the viewing of objects beneath the text.


    Obviously if I make a dumb text object, this is something that is very easy to do.


    Unfortunately without adjustable opacity, this makes this tool much less useful to me.



    Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 9.09.41 PM.png

  4. What are the advantages of keeping objects on the screen plane? with the exception of temporary construction geometry, I always find myself putting items on layer plane or a 3D working plane.


    And for the life of me I cannot understand the value in Screen Aligned Plane. I am always changing from that to Screen Plane.


    I also frequently have a need to convert an entire file that I have received that is all drawn on screen plane across multiple layers and convert all to flat layer plane. It seems like there is a script for this??

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  5. Hey, thanks all you guys for the highly intelligent (if somewhat unsatisfying) answers!


    @Kevin McAllister what is the alternative workflow to what we are discussing? Surely all 3d elements start out life as 2d profiles. I cannot even draw a profile in 2d screen plane and then extrude while editing a 3d symbol component now. Of course this is only one example of why drawing in screen plane is useful, both when editing 3d components or otherwise.


    @Rob Books so how have you adjusted your workflow? By going into 'Edit 2D' and selecting 'Show 3D' as you have described?


    Bummer. 😢

  6. Hello All,


    Just started using 2019 and feel like I'm stumbling over something obvious.


    For many years now, I've used screen plane 2d geometry for the purposes of construction geometry, measurements, etc when modeling 3d elements.


    I frequently would do this inside 3d components of symbols, and then delete out all the 2d geometry when done working. If I had forgotten to delete a line, there was a prompt warning me that all my screen plane geometry would get sent to the 2d component (or something along those lines).


    In 2019, as soon as I draw something in screen plane, the object gets moved to the 2d component, and I do not have a chance to interact/use it when editing a 3d component. This is not helpful and certainly not the behavior I'm used to seeing.


    What am I missing here?




  7. Hi All,


    Question about Spotlight "Parts" Record.

    For a while now, I've been seeing Lens & Point field show up in the parts record as implemented by VWX.

    Are there any features of the program that utilize these record fields at this time? It seems that some fixtures have these fields implemented, while others do not.


    Other than 3d orientation/focusing to focus points, does the parts record any additional functionality - or is this for future use.




  8. DLVP is a huge tool for spotlight lighting workflow. One of the better ways to handle the vertical lighting position conundrum IMO.


    It is a big bummer it is as buggy as it is.


    This issue with DLVP crop always stuck on the "screen plane" as it were, has frustrated me for ages. I really wish it was possible to apply a 3d crop to DLVP, a la clip cube style.

  9. Is there a technique I am missing here. My understanding is that other from project sharing, reference DLVP is the preferred method of coordinating live models/drawing files with each other? Bummer that such a critical function has seemingly fair amount of issues, which have been documented in much greater depth on this forum by other users.

  10. Hi All,


    See attached image. Wondering if this is normal behavior. I have a referenced Design Layer Viewport, with certain classes set to recall current document visibilities.


    When I have the geometry turned off, I am still able to snap to hidden classes and it gives me a "ghost" outline, which is annoying in congested areas of my drawing.


    Is this a bug?




    Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 5.36.21 PM.png

  11. Often I will use an OpenGL background render with a hidden line foreground render to achieve this effect. I think there are generally enough settings that you can fiddle with for that route to make something you like.


    Speculating a bit, but I suppose you could also apply a texture with a surface hatch that is just a dense colored hatch.

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