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  1. Hi there, Does anybody know how I can replace the content of an existing auto hybrid using a script? I tried DOMc "SetParent" Node but unfortunately it seems that this do not work for auto hybrids. Any tipps how I can do this? Thanks in advance Andy
  2. Hi there, All of you know probably the "Extract Tool". With the "Extract Surface Mode" you can click on a point and the top surface can be extracted then. I would like to create a Marionette that do exactly this. The goal is to extract the top surface on a specific point. Unfortunately it seems that there is no function available that can do this, right? Does anybody know if this is possible? Any tipps are appreciated Andy
  3. Hi all, I can get the surface normal of a specific point of a NURBS surface. I'm wondering if there is a way (Node) to get the tangent plane of this surface normal and assign it to a planar 2D object. Does anyone have a tipp or even better a solution for this? Thanks in advance Andy
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