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  1. thank you sir, that is what i was missing, so simple yet so important. just trying to do a fast and quick drawing. just missing a simple and important step. thank you for helping me figure that out. keith
  2. i am in my renderworks camera and i see the circle of the leko on the drape as well as the wall. but i just seem to be stumped on getting it to show the actaul gobo pattern i have selected. i have no focus field or anything like that selected or named. since i just can move & aim the fixture itself. keith
  3. I am having an issue with my gobo texture within a Source4 fixture reading on a drape or wall. i know it might be me, but can someone help point out what i am doing wrong please? version of vmx is spotlight 2020. i have already selected the edit and dropped in the gobo 1 slot a gobo pattern. i am also using final quality renderworks to view the pattern on the drape. still nothing other than a nice round circle of light, as if i had no gobo pattern dropped into the sleeve. thanks in advance, Keith
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