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  1. True, we've had similar problems with picts generating invalid/bloated postscript files. I think that particular problem was resolved in an earlier release or patch. I will send you a file or two before the end of the day. Thanks
  2. Except that it's a LaserJet not a DesignJet. Switching to 8.5.2 causes other grief across both NT and 2000, so that won't be happening. Thanks J
  3. Almost forgot.... workstations have 512 Megs RAM. Virtual mem statically set to 1024M (much lower and a message is displayed warning of low virtual mem when printing said files from vectorworks) Cheers
  4. Here they are: Xerox Docucolor 12 w/ Fiery : v 1.1 Xerox 2025: v 1.1.5 Xerox DocuCenter 230 : v QMS 2425: v 1.0.12d HP LaserJet 5000: v 4.0 Like I said, the problem is equally apparent across all drivers (minor variations in file size ie. 1-3 Megs). Hopefully this info will help, though.
  5. Well, the driver versions are largely irrelevant since this problem exists no matter what printer we print to (so far we've tried 5 (across 3 different manufacturers...Xerox, QMS, HP). We aren't having any printing problems with other programs (or with Vectorworks under WinNT). Quite frankly, I'm getting pretty sick of tech support passing the buck and blaming it on print drivers....they work fine for every other program/OS combination. Vectorworks is the odd man out. The vectorworks files that generate 300M postscript files are only 2M-5M or so. Under NT, the postscript files are 20M...not that unreasonable. As for contacting tech support for more help...I have done so in the past. More buck passing. Why should I bother? Don't even get me started. Sorry for being snarly, but it's a bit of a sore point with me. I'm hoping that other *users* in this forum may have some advice/direction. Takers?
  6. We are currently using VW 8.5.1 and our windows 2000 machines are producing mammoth (ie > 300M) postscript files when printing from Vectorworks. The same files printed on machines running NT4 SP6 generate 20-30M files. The large files sometime fail to print, either because they are invalid postscript or the file size is so huge the printer choke. Upgrading to 8.5.3 is not an option as other bugs that are more of a problem come up. All printer drivers are up to date. W2000 is patched up to SP2. Does anyone out there know of a way to correct this problem? TIA o
  7. This has been an ongoing problem for our company's CAD dept ever since VW 8.0. We keep hoping it will be addressed, but it continues un-noticed and/or un-acknowledged despite numerous calls and emails to tech support. Printing any VW drawing from our windows NT 4.0 (SP6) machines at 200% causes text to be "chopped" and some lines/geometry disappear, almost as if lines and text boxes are scaled differently from one another. Since I suspect a knee-jerk answer, let me say that this happens regardless of the type of printer or driver. We've tried it on 7 different printers spanning 4 different manufacturers using both PS and PCL print modes; it happens regardless of font-type or style, and we have no other problems printing from a every one of our other CAD, wordproccessing, and graphics programs. All drivers are correctly installed, configured and are up-to-date. We've tried every winprint driver setting. The problems does not manifest when printing from any of our mac workstations. *Is* this a known problem? Is there anything that can be done to work around it? Any hope of a fix? Does anyone even care? Any help would be massively appreciated in solving this ongoing (and annoying) problem with an otherwise great piece of CAD software. cheers
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