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  1. Thanks @Art V and @Benson Shaw! After posting this I quitted the project where I was working on, so I forgot about it. Both "create surface from curves" and "lofting" are working. I remember to have trouble with this, but now it seems to works. Probably it was a bug in VW2017 that gave me trouble.
  2. Hello all, I like to create a node to fillet all the vertexes of a polyline (see the result in the attachment). For some reason it doesn't fillet vertexes that are inside a polyline. I also found out that it doesn't recognize the vertexes inside it. So I'm looking for a way to call these vertexes. Hope someone knows a way to do this! Ruud Fillet (question forum).vwx
  3. Hello all, I'm trying to create a nurbs surface out of 6 locus'. It's important that it's one object, in order to use the "wall" tool. It should be simple, so I hope it is! Ruud 171018_make_plane.vwx
  4. @Patrick WinklerWow, this works instantly I don't have enough experience to see these things, but good to know! @MarissaFThis looks like a decent node to use in the network. Both thanks a lot for the quick reply!
  5. I made you a simple example of something I like to get worked. I can also sent you the original file, but there I'm creating many lines and arcs. Hope you're able to let this work Node Compose (forum).vwx
  6. He Patrick, For existing lines in my file this node works perfect. But the problem in my case is that I created lines in Marionette. So I like to link these lines directly to a "Compose" node. Do you know how to do that? I tried a lot already within the script, but I didn't manage to select the lines created. Ruud
  7. Hi Sarah. I already found a post from April of someone facing the same problem. So I was hoping this to be on the wishlist, luckily it is I drew everything in Marionette, it's a combination of lines and arcs. This is part of a bigger project where I have to draw thousends of different elements, which are just slightly different. That's why I want to use Marionette. Thanks Patrick! This sounds amazing. I already heard of that command, but I didn't manage in using it correctly. I will check out the node
  8. Dear all, I want to make a freeform 2D object. I drew this already by making lines and arcs, but I cannot find a way to combine them. The "Compose" button in the menu of Vectorworks is doing this, but the node in Marionette is missing. Does someone found a way to do this or created the node? Ruud
  9. I'm trying to understand Marionette better. This information helps a lot! You're mentioning three options where to put the objects used by the wrapped script. Groups aren't recognized in any of them. Even one group in the Control Geometry calling with the "Control Geometry" node won't work. Hope you will find the answer. If you want to see why I need to use a group and to wrap the script, I can sent you my full model.
  10. Thanks for the quick answer Marissa! I also had contact with the support, same answer. In my real model I am using an element with a lot of objects in the control geometry. I can use all the objects by calling their names, except for the groups. So I am amazed this works somehow.
  11. Hello all, I am building an element with Marionette. This element contains a lot of control geometry that is used for the script. Because many objects within the element need the same handling, I divided it in groups. But the script is not working for these groups. I added an example that shows the desired result (unwrapped) and the not working result (wrapped). Am I making a mistake, or is it a bug in Marionette? Ruud
  12. I fixed the node, try it. Marissa; maybe you can add the node to the library. Ruud
  13. He Alan, I will sent you a test file with it. If you do "Path Extrude" with the "Fix profile" on, there is a difference when using the menu or Marionette. In the menu the axes of the plane are used as basis, in Marionette the axes of the file are used as basis. This confuses me. Ruud
  14. I was thinking the same. In that case I will try finding the custom code. Someone should know it. Ruud
  15. Hello all, I faced different problems with the "Path Extrude" node. 1. The output is not able to used for "Boolean". 2. The options had to be set inside the script. I solved both of the problems, but I noticed it still needs some attention. The profile rotation is not recognized by the script. Probably some script line needs to be added. I will also look to this, but help is welcome. Ruud
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