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  1. Dear Alan Woodwell, 1000 thanks and respect for sharing your great collection!! friendly regards
  2. It agree with Marissa, on my way towards understanding enough of Marionette to become able to use it. I hope there will remain enough reasons against encrypting and monetizing Marionette and keeping it open source. Business opportunities are everywhere,hopefully in this case without excluding other people`s access to resources!
  3. Thanks for data sharing, helping me to understand Marionette, and hopfully finding my way.... Friendly regards
  4. Thanks for Data , helping me to unstand marionette
  5. Thanks for sharing Data , helping me to learn Marionette
  6. Thanks for supporting my appemts to Marionette learning with your Data. Freindly regards
  7. Thanks for helping with data on my way to marionette. Friendly regards Bernd Lützelberger
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