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  1. Solved this just before posting, but thought it might be useful if anyone else comes across this problem. The problem is where the model is showing diagonal lines all over when zoomed in, and also the edges of objects are jagged, pictures are attached. The solution was that there were objects very far away from the main part of the model, deleting them fixed the graphical issue. I used "Fit to objects" to find them. Bit of an odd thing is happening on one of my models, I'm not sure if it's corrupted in some way or theres a setting which I've accidentally changed, but it seems to have a hatch over the whole thing when you zoom in past a certain point. Attached a couple of screenshots zooming in to show what's happening. The render setting is openGL, quality set to high. I've tried changing anti-alising but doesnt seem to have any impact It would be really nice to find a fix for this rather than starting the model again...
  2. also, for anyone else with this problem, to then increase the font size of the contour lables: select the site model > Text (along the top menu bar with File/Edit/AEC/Model etc) > Size > pick a size simple, but not exactly intuative when most other text formatting seems to be altered in the OIP or with a class..
  3. After a fair bit of zooming and panning, there they are! Peter and Alan thank you very much, really appreciate your help
  4. Hi Alan, Unfourtunately I already have that box ticked. Maybe I'll try playing with the 2D contour lables class a bit more, already had a go at switching it but still there could be some setting I missed..
  5. Just had a quick go, is this what you're looking for?
  6. Having a bit of trouble with site contour lables in that I can't figure out how to get them to show. Attached an image to show settings I have for the site model, currently getting around them not showing by using the surveyors levels, but it's not ideal Hope you can spot something I've missed!
  7. Also forgot to mention this is also a problem on flat roofs (see attached pic) which I'm guessing would have a different solution, but I did make the flat roof with the roof tool as well by setting 3 of the edges to gable ends, so maybe will have a similar solution. I know there's a facia tick box in the roof OIP, but that again only shows on the eaves end
  8. Hello clever vectorworks people! I'm in the process of learning all the refined tips and settings for Vworks, but I cant seem to pin down matching wall components to the roof components (see attached image) What I'd like to be able to do is have the gable end wall continue up to the top roof component (slates), but the roof components only seem to interact with the walls along the eaves edges. Any advice? James p.s. I have Vectorworks 2016 Architect + RW


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