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  1. Having trouble getting a clear answer. It looks like autodesk revit/acad and archicad have lease programs. I understand there may be some options through a vss subscription ?? I'm sorry but Nemetschek is NOT making it easy to pull the trigger. Options??
  2. Simplify 3d poly's. Working like a charm now.
  3. Trying to add a simple pad modifier to a sloping site, updating site model is taking a VERY long time. SItting here for 10 mins now, VW is hanging. Fast computer (specs in sig)..not sure whats going on, assuming Im doing something wrong ??
  4. Thank you Jim! Its great to see that VW is continuing to make improvements. The more I learn, albeit mostly on my own at this point, the more I see it is a very capable program. The OZCAD tutorials OZZIE directed me to are a great start in the direction we're most interested in. Thank you OZZIE.
  5. Thanks Ben. I think we're on the same page. I've also watched probably 30 or so tutorials on youtube and done a lot of reading around this site over the last week or so. I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of things, but its slow putting it all together into a complete workflow. Not to mention our trials are about to expire, vacation is over, and we have three projects we need to start. I hate spending all this time learning new software then having to go back to the dark (model space) side Finally found a good tutorial on OZCAD's channel for site modelling and grading: I'm finding the OZCAD and NOVEDGE webinars on youtube most helpful. N
  6. That was my thinking exactly Benson--Making more training opportunities available (free) might actually convert many more users to the program.
  7. VW needs to do MUCH better in terms making resources for learning the software readily available. I want to migrate our firm from a traditional AutoCAD workflow to Vectorworks Landmark because it is the only specific software tailored to the landscape architecture practice. Many, many firms large and small still use AutoCAD and even ArchiCAD and Revit because VW Landmark has such limited training/tutorials available. More specifically, I would like to see (and think a HUGE number of firms woul also like): Free tutorials showing a 'real' landscape architecture project start to finish. Project should include initial site modeling from a dwg survey, building siting using a 3d architecture model, driveway and autocourt/parking alignment, site design from an imported sketch, Site Grading, Treet Survey/preservation, layout plan, materials plan, planting plan, details full sheet layout and schedule for all plans. I understand this may be a tall order, but think it would be in VW's best interest as well as the satisfaction of the end user, while potentially minimizing demand for tech support. Thanks
  8. +100000% Thank You! Just made a post in the Landmark forum. I love that VW recognizes the growing LA profession as a legitimate market unto itself with a need for its own set of dedicated site tools. However, US LA firms are going to be VERY reluctant to even try VW if there are not very good, modern, and relevent tutorials available upon evaluation. We need to see a REAL project workflow start to finish, not bits and pieces and on a realistic project, not just a few walls and sidewalks in space. I love the direction of the Fundamentals GSG using the skatepark as an example, though it could be a more modern example. I also like that the VWA GSG uses a hand sketch to start which is how most modern LA's and Architects start a project. VW, in my humble opinion is missing a HUGE market share due to simply not having great tutorials and learning resources available! N
  9. We are considering migrating our small landscape architecture practice to a VW Landmark workflow from AutoCAD-rhino-sketchup. We are mainly interested in the documentation/3D SIM tools as we plan to continue to use other software for rendering, but like the idea of building a model that also works toward documentation. I have watched all of the GSG tutorials by Tamsin Slatter as well as others available on Youtube. I've downloaded a trial and tinkered quite a bit. I am feeling fairly familiar now with the interface and basic tools, modeling, layers/classes, sheets, and viewports. I have concluded that VW is a powerful program that will save us documentation and production time, while allowing more time for design. We also want to support a software package/company that recognizes the need for site/landscape architecture specific BIM/SIM tools. Unfortunately, I have found that many of the landscape/site related tutorials dont seem to translate well to a practical professional landscape architecture project workflow. I am certain that the software is quite capable, but disappointed that many of the available tutorials would-be practitioners might use to evaluate the software do not demonstrate the full capabilities most useful to modern landscape architecture firms. More specifically, Tamsin's GSG tutorials are great, however 3d site modeling and grading is covered as an addendum of sorts as well as CAD/survey input. Typically, my experience in our own and other firms is to begin with a CAD/C3D survey, import architecture from another BIM platform and begin modeling the site design from a hand sketch or concept plan overlay. I would really like to see VW demonstrate a start to finish landscape architecture project showing: 1. CAD/Survey import and Site modeling 2. Arch Model Import and Siting 3. Concept design overlay (as is demonstarted in the VWA GSG) 4. Concept site modeling including conceptual grading 5. Planting on a sloped site (no such thing as a 'flat site') 6. Full documenatation including cover sheet, demo plan, tree preservation, layout, materials, grading, planting, and details I think a comprehensive demo with these items covered would help capture a HUGE segment of the landscape architecture market. We need to know exactly what the program can do and see it. We also need a streamlined process for getting up and running quickly. Switching CAD platforms is a BIG deal for many firms large and small. Lastly, if I missed any of this I apologize sincerely. We would like to get our firm converted to VW ASAP. We dont mind purchasing training or resources, but need to know that the siftware will do everything we need before committing cash. If there are any resources that cover the aforementioned, it would be much appreciated if you could pass that information along. Looking forward to utilizing this forum as a resource and supporting VW. Thank You!!
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