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  1. Also need the ability to turn off annotation of individual segments to handle overlapping annotation of common segments.
  2. This has always been a problem with this tool, apparently you should only have 1 lot on a drawing. Send in a wish list to have these problems rectified, I have been requesting this since the tool was first added to VW.
  3. I have no problems working with file sizes to 150mb for road design that usually have colour aerial photo as a background with my setup. I do not render these drawings.
  4. CopyPaste Pro allows you copy both bearing & distance dimensions from the VectorBits Enhanced Tape Measure Tool & paste those dimensions to create a line's bearing & distance.
  5. iMac PowerPC G5 In addition to the Mac side, I use Windows Virtual PC v.7.0.3 with Windows 98 & XP Professional to run engineering, survey & data collector applications not available on the Mac. This computer set up works well for me as it efficiently runs even a high end program for processing and analyzing GNSS & terrestrial (total station and level) survey data recorded in the field, and exporting it to a design package.
  6. Drag & drop on to the Vw2009 application opens my files back to VectorWorks v.7, but not MiniCad v.6. I deliberately purchased the iMac PowerPC G5 (3.1) so I would have a computer that by double clicking a Mac OS9 file would automatically open Classic (still dependant on some older applications especially Landesign). VW v.9.0.1 (Classic) will open MiniCad v5.0 files. I remember Graphsoft providing a batch converter (1993?) for older MiniCad files.
  7. Miguel Is it possible to provide a sample Vw file to show how the channel was designed within Vw (source survey data, profile, x-section, etc? I received this message from you in January - "In order to help you out in your workflow, I need more information on how do you use the polylines." I sent a private message with a Vw file attached showing my use of polylines, did you receive it? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as this is a difficult time as I am undergoing radiation treatment for neck cancer. Thanks Bruce
  8. How often to Vw users restart their Mac computers? All versions from 12.0 to Vw2009 have not released memory on my iMac G5 after quitting (confirmed by Apple Activity Monitor), therefore, I restart at least once per day.
  9. Ian Attached is the feature code index I developed for my work.
  10. Try to get in touch with Miguel Barrera, he provided an amazing design road drawing that he created using scripts. I tried to contact Miguel on this board & privately with no success. I have had a personal set back in having been diagosed with malignant metastactic squamous neck cancer that has attacked the vasovagal nerve, after 3 week in hospital I have finally started a 7 week radiation treatment. I am unable to work or drive, but I would very much like to have the opportunity to get more detail from Miquel as his work flow is done entirely within Vw, whereas I need 3 other software packages.
  11. Raymond Mullin provides Reshaper Tool (http://www.siriussolutions.net/) which includes an azimuth mode that he added for me. Manuel Garcia de Paredes (http: // www.vectorbits.com) has provided the following invaluable tools for me: Offset Paths, Center Page On Rectangle & Optimise Drawing. Petri has shared a couple of his tools with me over the years, but I was not able to implement them into my workflow so I am still dependent on third party software. Miguel A. Barrera seems to have developed some very useful tools for road design, but I have not been able to contact him for more information. I am sure these individuals have numerous tools that would be very valuable to other users if a way could be found to suitably compensate them for their efforts.
  12. No slow down with Vw2009 on a 3 year old iMac with only 1.5 GB of ram & some of the files are over 100 MB since aerial photos are used as a backdrop. Object highlighting & the snap loupe saved me the entire cost of the upgrade to Vw2009 on an airport pavement marking layout project (9800 m2 of markings requiring 573 stake layout objects).
  13. Thanks Raymond Actually my problem started with a polyline path at UTM coordinates & I simplified it illustrate the problem. Will resurrect the original objects & send the file to you. By the way what does "Curve length: Dump string" mean?
  14. Hello Raymond The attached file would not allow duplicate along path & the error screen shot is shown on the file. Also have other samples that failed with UTM coordinates. Thanks for checking.
  15. I can not get Duplicate Along Path to work with path objects longer than 582 metres (Curve length: Dump string) or with any path object with UTM coordinates in Vw2009, but works in Vw2008. Can others duplicate the problem?
  16. Petri This is the response that I received from Nemetschek's CTO regarding increasing arc polyline radius when the tangent distance of the arc is > than 1/2 the distance between intersection points.: "The fix is Deep in the code, and it is risky to fix at this point. The work around is explained in the attached file: I?ve created the desired poly by setting the first arc then decomposing and composing the polyline, And finally set the radius of the second arc."
  17. Reshaper is a valuable tool for me, especially since Raymond built in the ability to have angles displayed as azimuth.
  18. Petri Send along a list of stuff that you are offering. You know, I am always desperate to make my road design life easier, but not willing to do my own scripting. Would rather spend what little time I have left over to play golf! I have willing paid for 3rd party add-ons, but was very surprised to learn from Charles Chandler, Robert Mullin & Manuel Garcia de Paredes, who provide great tools, how few users had purchased their tools. For me the VectorDepot site should first be sorted by Vw version (lots old & out dated items clutter the listing) & then if the product is commercial - the price, a detailed description & example of the tool's use would be very beneficial.
  19. Miguel I sent you a personal & a private email last week regarding your road design plug-ins. Would very much like you to contact me as you are having great success in doing all your design work within Vw, whereas, I have depended upon third party software. Thanks
  20. I have monetarily supported those individuals that make me more productive with Vw, but there needs to be a single place where a person can quickly check what third party tools are available. Most of the tools that I have purchased were discovered by accident & sometimes the name of tool itself may not reflect its the full capability, for example Charles Chandler's "Land Planning" has an incredible number of tools that may go far beyond what a person may think would be included such as: "Close Gaps" tool & "Sewer Line Tool". Petri & Miguel, when I come to the tech board with my inability to get Vw to do what I want, you guys have created tools to address the situation, but there doesn't seem to be any mechanism to make them commercially available. In my opinion it would be very beneficial for all users & Nemetschek, if they provided a central depository for third party tools. From what I understand third party tools for the major windows CAD programs is a very large & profitable business.
  21. Miguel I sent an email to the address shown on your profile on January 4 & a private message on January 6, I would very much like to get information on how you are using Vw to design roads. I have always used 3rd party software as there was no apparent means in MiniCad+ in 1992. Thanks
  22. Petri I hope you are just needling Alex & I to make us clearly state our case why we think a majority of Vw users will be required to provide georeferenced designs. I know you have an interest in this subject because you developed a MapInfo export filter. My request for georeferencing Vw files is the primarily the result of stakeholders requiring georeferenced design submissions. For example the Ministry of Environment requires that submitted road designs be georeferenced so they can be overlayed on their georeferenced watershed & aerial photography; to ensure that riparian zones are protected. Property owners & other stakeholders want to observe the effect that proposed road designs have on their property & local governments are using Google Earth to provide that opportunity. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a georeferenced picture is worth 100,000 words.
  23. All users of arc polylines should be aware of a problem with Vw that is show in the attached file. The program changed the radius of the first curve when a radius was applied to the second curve without giving any warning. The problem is a result of the "phantom mid-point vertex" used by the program & goes back to MiniCad.
  24. Miquel Vw can not be used to dynamically design roads, ie move an intersection point in plan view & observe the effect on cross sections & material quantities at the same time. Since Vw doesn't provide for the selection of design speeds, vertical curves or superelevation how are you able to only use Vw to design roads that comply with accepted standards? Chris Baker as passed HighRoad off (not sold) to Sauro Agostini of Interstudio. Who sent me the following message looking for user feedback - "we are working on developing a new version of HighRoad. This requests some time, because it isn't a simple upgrade, it is a completely re-writing. HighRoad was developed in Forth, that is a beautiful and elegant developing language, but it isn't supported on the new operating systems, so we are writing a new version of HighRoad based on XYWidgets, a C++ cross platform developing system for Mac Os X, Windows and Linus. This allows us not only to translate the current HighRoad Forth code, but also to add important user interface features, like multiple undo-redo, complete DWG support, drag and drop and others."
  25. Petri The reason I have not responded is that Frank Brault of Tech Support has not got back to me on the problem of arc polylines not being editable in the Object Info palette. "Here is the result from offsetting the HPGCTerasen polyline. Handles show extra vertices on the outer offset polys; uppermost handle is the arc vertex from the original road centerline. So, to answer your original question, it looks like offsetting operations have improved. The vertex behavior that you have observed is still present" (10/04/08). Unfortunately the polylines in your "Petri Road Planning" tool have the same problem, they can not be revised correctly in the OIP. I did send a private message: "Hello Petri > > Did you have any trouble offsetting these polylines, I reported a bug for > polylines where the the tangent of the arc is > than 1 half of the distance > between the intersecting arc vertexes & tech support confirmed? Do you use > Manuel Garcia de Paredes Vectorbits Offset Tool? > > Would appreciate any comments you have regarding the benefit of Vw2009." "Bruce, Uhh, my late-night communication once again... I was more or less going ready for bed when this occurred to me. The road is a parametric object so I use VectorScript routines for offsetting. They're even worse than the interactive tools... Anyway, since it is only for broadbrush planning & illustration purposes, it does not matter. The idea is that by drawing & adjusting a single polygon, you get the entire road." Petri - I very appreciate the assistance & comments you have provided to me, but in this case your Road Planning tool has the same problem with arc polylines.
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