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  1. i have the same but the distributor (design express) told me that they called it sp1 (why i dont know )en for me also it crashed when i want to render or export to cinema 4d but the distributor said that is because of mine graphics card is to weak. strange because with sp0 i have no problems so i installed sp0 again
  2. The download on the Dutch vss site was to early placed.That is what my distributor (designexpress) told me.I must wait til 30 september than I can download the windows and Mac version.
  3. Hi Zoomer, I check that and the file is a 2016 installer i have send a mail to designexpress and i will call them tomorrow thnx Edward
  4. this morning (loaction netherlands) i download the 2017 installer for the mac and it works fine later this afternoon i want to download the windows version for my pc laptop but now on the vss site its show the 2016 installer? What can i do? Edward
  5. Thank you now i can play with it :-)
  6. Hello Jim, I watch the serie Rendering for success and it looks GREAT…. I also have a 3dconnexion space mouse would you maybe share your preferences of the axes of the space mouse or do you used the default settings ? I have vw2016 architect + renderworks sp4 Regards, Edward
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