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  1. helloarchitect

    Mouse wheel zooms/scrolls too fast

    Yes, I still have a problem. When I scroll forward on my Logitech Performance MX, I zoom into space at light speed. It's incredibly frustrating.
  2. helloarchitect

    Mouse wheel zooms/scrolls too fast

    Was the fast scroll speed in Vectorworks ever resolved?
  3. helloarchitect

    Selecting text box freeze software for few minutes

    Still having this problem. New Macbook Pro. Foolishly upgraded to Mojave. 2018 SP6. Why is it taking over 4 months to find a solution?
  4. Hi, I am looking to purchase a VW 2018 Architect license. If you have one for sale, please reach out and hopefully we can agree on a price. Thank you!
  5. helloarchitect

    Selling Vectorworks licenses

    Thank you for the prompt reply, Isabel! I will hold out in the hopes a 2018 Architect license falls out of the e-sky.
  6. helloarchitect

    Selling Vectorworks licenses

    Hi Simon and Isabel, Do you still have any VW2018 Architect licenses available? Would this serial also work for Mac? Thanks!


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