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  1. I'll give it a go. Thanks. I would chase that for another week and still not think of it. Sometimes it's the easiest solutions and all it takes is to know what box to tick... Cheers
  2. I tried to upload it and it came pretty quickly to an error.
  3. If it didn't have a height it wouldn't show in 3D, which it does. Do you want the whole file to look at? I'm sure you'll consider it a mighty mess.
  4. First time using the curtain wall tool. I have modeled it in place and it appears correct in 3D but doesn't appear in the plan views. I've put it on its own class and have it on for the viewport - nothing. I've checked to make sure no components classes are shut off and I still have no idea how to get it to work.
  5. It seems I'm not first with this and I don't see anything in the thread that suggests things have been adequately addressed. Same deal, I hit update and my titleblock moved to the center (about) that seems affected by the spacing of text in my Revisions Tab (see attached images). I have unhinged the titleblock from the border and will fudge it until a proper fix is sent out. I concur that this was a really unfortunate change that I can't understand why it was changed as it seemed to be working pretty well in 2017. Any help in the meantime, I'll happily accept.


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