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  1. Does anyone know how to change the text size of dimensions which have been drawn on the design layer and then viewed through a viewport? I can change the text scale under the viewport advanced properties, but all text is affected... Any ideas?
  2. Hi Jim Just tried this in VW2016. Attempt 1: Halfway through creating the stair I get a message saying: 'A Script error has occurred. Refer to the file "Error Output" for a further explanation' and lost all ability to edit the stair settings in Vectorworks, even a new stair. Attempt 2: Following rebooting of VW, it now seems to have worked, and can edit the stair without it disappearing. Few issues with some classes not showing through where supposed to but eventually got it looking like the original 2015 drawing. Is the custom stair tool due to be updated for next service pack of VW2016? As said before, it has better control (winders, angles etc) than the basic stair tool.
  3. I'm also having this issue. I have a 2015 file with stairs built using the Custom stair tool. Open in 2016 and try to edit the stairs and it just disappears! The normal stair tool does not offer the same control as the Custom one. What to do?
  4. I'm experimenting with the Heliodon tool. I've kind of got to grips with it and can export an OpenGL solar animation movie using the first option: Sun (using current view), although this doesn't produce ground shadows as I think you need Renderworks for this (?). However, when I initiate either of the other two options: View (sun to layer plane center) & View (sun to Heliodon center), the model disappears from the screen, ie I seem to be looking in the wrong direction. Any ideas?
  5. Hello I was using the Custom Stair tool in VW2015 and a message appeared informing of a script error. I now can't access the stair properties with the double click so can't add landings, changes of directions etc. Any ideas?
  6. OK I've managed to upload the image files. The model is being viewed in a viewport on a sheet layer. I'm having an additional problem in that I can't now 'update' the view - when I try VW2016 crashes! I can update when I turn off view planar objects (this removes the previously noted hidden lines showing through also), but I need to show the planar objects in my model... Having to go back to using 2015.
  7. Trying to open a file created in 2015 in 2016, I get hidden lines showing through on the model view 2016 version. Any ideas? (Sorry - can't see how to attach images on this post!)
  8. OK - Thanks Jim I'm still having trouble so have sent you the file. Hope you can help!
  9. Don't seem to have the problem in a new document using the same wall style. But if I paste a wall from the problem file then I get the problem with the pasted wall still. Its very strange as in the problem file the walls are not displaying when None class is off, but I can still select the walls if hover the cursor... Also - the walls are visible in hidden line render mode.
  10. Having trouble in that some of my walls will not appear until the 'None' class is made visible. This is OK in VW, but when I export as a 3D PDF, these walls are not included in the export and hence the 3D PDF is missing the walls... How do I overcome? - Is there a way of dissociating my walls from class None? (not sure why this should be in the first instance!).
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