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  1. So in the very brief example on the Table in the help page about data tags and making them do math it gives and example of (and im shortening it here you can go look it up yourself) "Price + Price * 0.1" to give a price +10% total out in the data tag. I can't seem to get this to work, I'm trying to add the Motor weight from the OIP to a user defined weight on on tag field and to get the tag to display the total. eveything i've tried just shows s "Motor Weight + User Weight" in the tag, not the total of both. any help would be appreciated, it seems like the Data tag tool should be able to do that simple math, or perhaps there's a way to do it in another area of the software and then reference that to the tag field.
  2. The 2 I checked with that I needed for my drawing were tomcat 20.5in 120“(10ft) plated and 12in 36" (3ft) plated.
  3. NO not at all, the truss will only appear when it is at a 0 deg (horiz) hanging angle, anything else and it disappears in both openGL and hidden line renderings, i had to export it back to 2020 and then reimport the symbols from the 2020 library they it finally showed up.
  4. any update on this? first time in a year i've needed this software, and it's totally broken for basic things such as rotating a 3d truss into a tower.
  5. that fix in your edit doesn't seem to work consistently , i got it to work for a couple lines then it crashed again, and either way VW needs to fix this! there are several threads about it on the FB user group, one that just popped up in the last day or so, it's a recurring issue for many users it seems. they need to get it sorted.
  6. As the Title says, i have tried resetting all plugins, but that didn't seem to work, other than that suggestion that came off the FB group I'm not sure what to do.. Any suggestions? that is a pretty big tool to loose use of, I use it all the time!
  7. i got it sorted, not sure how of why but all my fixtures broke, all i had to do was put a fresh fixture for each type into the Drawing and let it re-import the records from the new one, and after a refresh it fixed them all. not sure how that happened but it seems good now. Thanks.
  8. for some reason all of my Fixtures in 2016 are displaying the light when i turn them on or show beams, from the clamps IE the insertion point, not the lens as one would expect, how can i edit the symbol to fix this?
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