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  1. So I did a search for 'custom scale bar' - and everything but what I was looking for popped up. Let's say we have an office standard scale bar that we use. I have created this in VWs - is there a way to make this a resource that I can drop in on a sheet in 'paper space'? Or do I have to open up the file and just copy and paste it onto our sheets each time? Same for north arrow and a few other "standard" items we use on all our sheets. Same goes for storm inlets and other various drawing items. In cad - used to creating blocks - so similar idea only in VWs. As always - much appreciated.
  2. benboggs

    Storm Lines

    Thanks - been playing around with this and trying out different things. Your response was much appreciated.
  3. Thanks - That helps. I will be exploring custom line types now. Much appreciated.
  4. benboggs

    Storm Lines

    Anyone have suggestions on how to draw storm pipes that are true to width? For example: I would like to draw my storm lines the actual width of the pipe. So a 24 inch storm pipe has a line that is actually 24 inches wide. I am having a tremendously difficult time getting this very simple task done. Thanks,
  5. I feel like I am asking elementary questions - but after searching I couldn't find the answer to what I am looking for. I attached 2 images. One from VWs and one from CAD. Is there a way to make the end of lines square? Also is there an easier way to make a line say 2 feet thick? When we draw storm lines we make our lines the thickness of the pipes. Also when we end the pipes into a headwall it would be nice if the pipes would be squared off so they are not rounded and protruding beyond the face of the headwall. Do we have to do math to figure out how many mils it takes to make a pipe 2' in a viewport depending on the scale? Or do we need to start using mm? Thanks
  6. Can someone explain to me why it matters if you are at 0,0 or if you are at 1billion,1billion? I have never understood why being far away from 0,0 causes issues (AutoCAD user here) just curious. This is one of the items we struggle with here in our office in regards to file/xref managmenet. I have been told to do this several different ways. We have had issues where after all xrefs were set up and we closed the drawing - after re-opening the xrefs were miles apart. This was using the first option. I had about a 20 email exchange with tech support on this when we were doing our very first project. We have found to have the best luck with using the 3rd option (align with User origin). We always let the survey file we get be the first import. seems to work......so far.
  7. If you go to your workspace Editor you can change what group of keys activate which view. If I am not mistaken - some shortcuts cannot be changed....but I might be wrong on that.
  8. WOW - looks great!!! This gives me some added motivation to really get my stuff in gear. Too bad you guys can't just let me see the VW files to make it less complicated getting all my standards up to date!!! HA
  9. I tried searching for this before posting: When I try to do an angular dimension of a polyline it doesn't work. See image 1. Red line indicates what i was trying to measure. This is being done in a rotated plan. However if I set it back to 0 degrees it works. See image 2. This is a very quick and dirty schematic plan for a site concept and I wanted to see what the canopy/walk angle was. Is there a reason why dimensions don't work in rotated view? I tried this with drawing 2 lines and the angular tool works just fine. I know there was another thread about angled dimensions changing when the geometry was changed - but this is something different.
  10. True. But I was just wondering if we could add more pens to select from in the Attributes window. Thanks!
  11. Basic question: I am trying to customize the line thickness in our template file. What does Mils mean? (Thousand of an inch?) If so - does that mean a value of 1 is equivalent to 1/1000th of an inch? Also can we have more than just 10 pens?
  12. So if someone has an illegal copy of VWs - then a legal user cannot use a file created by the illegal user?
  13. Any chance you could post your title block for us to try and work with? The only thing I can think of is that you need to re-insert the title block and update the resource in the file?
  14. Yes - I agree - looks pretty awesome! And to sum up what I don't like about ours - is that its more about line weights, text standards, hatch patterns/scales.....over all looks of the plan/set as a whole. I think our details look pretty good for the most part. Still working on standards conversion from CAD to VWs. Thanks for the replies.
  15. Hello - I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share screen shots (pdfs or images) of construction drawings they have done using VWs Landmark for site projects. Reason I am asking is I would like to see what others are able to do with the program. I have seen the marketing videos - and the construction drawings look pretty awesome. We have done 2 projects using VWs and I think the construction plans we produced look terrible (compared to our AutoCAD plans). I know that's just because we have lots to learn. I attached a screen shot of one of our Master Site Plans we did for a small Transportation Maintenance Building as an example of what we did produce. Thanks,
  16. I was able to get it to import. But the second it opened up - VWs crashed. UPDATE: I renamed the file to test (to eliminate the hyphen) and it imported and so far no crash.
  17. Hmmm - I feel the same way. The marketing videos I have seen - don't resemble the program 100% of the time either.
  18. I tried this on a polyline and on 2 individual lines. The lines - the angle didn't update. but the polyline - the angle dimension did update. Not sure why direction of the polyline/line would impact a dimension. I am with Tom on this one - I wonder what other dimension don't update properly now...... update: I did try to move them around by selecting the starting point rather than the end point - and the angular dimension adjusted properly.
  19. I have always had trouble understanding the printing setup in VWs - AutoCAD's printing process is super easy to use. I have never had it crash on me though like you are experiencing. I set up an 11x17 in 2017 with no issues. Did you go to printer setup and select a printer that has 11x17 option?
  20. From tech support on this issue: In can be used on polylines, but only closed polylines. I am checking with our engineering team to get specific information on why it cannot be used with open polylines, but the reason lines work, is because then can only have two vertices and are never closed.
  21. It must be my computer. When I try it in a new file - the filet is set way out in space in rotated view - but when I un-rotate it works. See attached. (the random filets were done in rotated view - but the one that is where it should be was done in an unrotated view. Filet test file.vwx
  22. Does anyone know why the filet tool wouldn't work in a rotated plan? I have 2 lines - trying to filet them at a 50' radius. But they won't. Lines are the same class, same design layer, they are at 0 elevation.....I copied the 2 lines into a new drawing and it works. Thoughts? I was working in a rotated plan. BUT when I undid the rotate plan (set back to 0) the lines did filet. Bug??? Or am I just missing some an unchecked box? Ben
  23. I would contact tech support on that one.
  24. Move your house up to the site survey. You will need to make your house the an elevation of 314 through 320. You can also use the Send To Surface command I believe.
  25. Mine was migrated from 2016. And yes mine is a custom work space.


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