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    Open GL Edges

    Thank you Mat! I'm trying to achieve this without changing the structural logic of the building. I need the Section to look like this: I tried to uncheck "Draw Edges" from the Background Render Settings, and it resolves the wall-slab face issue, but then I lose the outlines 🤷‍♂️
  2. Gal

    Open GL Edges

    Hello everyone, Can anybody help me get rid of the edges between the walls and the slab? How can I get a smooth wall in Open GL?
  3. Hello, I'm trying to create an existing site with an existing retaining wall. When creating a retaining wall site modifier with a pad under the wall and a left side modifier, I'm able to get only some of the terrain to follow the side modifier. Am I doing anything wrong? Gal
  4. These are the section settings I'm using, in version 2019.
  5. Hello, this is the first time I try to work with Vectorworks in 3D. When creating a section viewport I see the wall with a VERY thick line in one floor and a very thin one in the other floor. Does anyone understand who's going on? I'm using the same wall style in both floors. Gal OMZ_Sections.pdf
  6. Hi Peter, Is there a way to make the script work when multiple text objects are selected? 🙏 Gal
  7. Thank you Peter! That is Amazing!
  8. Hello everyone! Importing a RTL text from AutoCAD seems to be very tricky. The best solution will be a script that will reverse selected text. However I have no coding abilities whatsoever. Will anyone be able to help me here? 🙏 Gal
  9. can anyone help me with a script for reversing a text in vectorscript?
  10. The text is a VectorWorks text object imported from a .dwg file. The text is imported as part of the file but (due to the AutoCAD font system) it is mirrored and in Latin letters. I have the TrueType font file (a basic hebrew Arial). Basically need to flip the text box horizontally and retype the letters with the correct font.
  11. Hi all, I need a script that can take an English text and retype it in a Hebrew basic font. Please contact me if you interested and we set a price. Will be very appreciated! Best, Gal
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