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  1. Hi, anyone else having issues with files crashing since installing the latest SP4 upgrade? When I open one of my project files and try change anything or try saving the program simply crashes without warning, however my colleagues who have not run the upgrade yet can still open, change and save the file. Turns out another colleague that has also upgraded has the same issue with one of his files and his team members that are still on the old SP3 have no issues with it. Any help appreciated as I'm worried that the same thing will happen to all the others once they run the update! DD Lee & Wang - original.vwx
  2. Same random crashing here in our office since I upgraded us to 2016 and despite installing SP1 :-(. Such a disappointment and so much work involved bringing all templates and standards to the newer version and now I wish I could just go back to 2015, which seemed to be much more stable although we only had it for a month before the free upgrade. We are not even using the BIM or 3D features, just simple 2D drawings and our specs exceed the system and hardware requirements by far. Shall I just bite the bullet and re-install 2015 everywhere or is this issue going to be resolved anytime soon?


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