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  1. 4 hours ago, Matster said:

    - I can specify an object by its name, but would like to just select 400 or so objects and apply the Marionette script to the lot how can i do this?

    You have a few options here , two of which:

    1. You could use the Objects by Criteria node to create a set of criteria to define the objects to run the network
    2. You could create a menu command that would run on selected objects (you would still use the Objects by Criteria node in this situation, but you could not run the network directly from the drawing area if it's set to run on selected objects)
    5 hours ago, Matster said:

    - typically in the UK, we work in mm, but all our set build panels are in feet and inches! so I need to convert the format of the "Get Length" and "Get Width" to feet and inches

    You can perform math on these values prior to writing them to the record, we currently don't have a node that will do this automatically for you


    5 hours ago, Matster said:

    - Ideally, I would like the panel size to be as text in one text field, I just cannot work out how to join multiple strings together, so it makes a single string i.e.  "Get Length"&"x"&"Get Width"

    I've attached a file that shows how to use the Concatenate node for this purpose


    Hopefully I covered everything 🙂


    Please let me know if you have any other questions or get stuck anywhere else, I'm more than happy to help.

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  2. For #1, you can use a valve node before the alert dialog to determine if it shows or not.

    The only current issue is that nothing past the valve will run if the input is false, even if the network converges somewhere later.


    for 2, we don't have any OIP controls like that, so I am going to guess no.

    A workaround would be to modify your own popup controls with possible values, but I don't think we can display color at this time, it would have to be text based.

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  3. Our debug mode at this time is primarily used to determine what data is flowing through a wire to kind of backtrack where the network went wrong - sort of like assigning breaks in code.

    It's hard to determine ahead of time what will cause a crash, but we do our best to add error handling to the default content when we come across it - is it possible for you to send me a network that you encounter(ed) a crash in? I'd like to take a look and see what I can do on my end.


    I'm working now on outlining some Marionette help, so I will be sure to add information on best practices as often as I can.

  4. You need to take it one step further. Right click on the wrapper node and select "Convert to Object Node"

    That will create an object based on your script with editable properties in the OIP.

  5. Are you familiar with Marionette Objects? They would be your solution.

    Right click on your network and choose "Wrap Marionette Network" and then right click on the wrapper node and choose "Convert to Object Node"

    That will give you an editable object on your drawing that will behave like a Plug In Object. You can save that as a Red Symbol in your document.


    In order to display the parameters you want editable in the Object Info Palette, select those nodes and name them in the upper part of the Object Info Palette.


    Please let me know if you need any help 🙂

  6. 22 hours ago, Markus Barrera-Kolb said:

    Do you know if there's a way to print out a summary of the customizations


    Workspaces are stored in your user folder as .vww files, which are essentially .xml files; you could probably poke through there to check customization info, though it won't be so user friendly.

    It's likely possible to write a script that could make it more readable, but I don't have the time right now.

  7. 1 minute ago, zoomer said:

    Unfortunately again the typical super NDA stuff.



    1 minute ago, zoomer said:

    Is there a way to repair them (for you) ?

    And are there any other, hidden files, with known potential to corrupt,

    in our User Folders, which will be only be rebuild after the whole

    No automated repairs, all by guess and check.

    There's no real way to know which file(s) are causing the issue, to my knowledge. My approach is usually remove one folder at a time and relaunch until I find where the culprit is and then try to diagnose from there.

  8. 15 minutes ago, zoomer said:

    Just opened VW by a File from Explorer,

    - empty OpenGl 3D view

    - yellow rulers

    - just a single 12345e52637 number instead of ruler scale


    Last time I ran into this, it was a corrupt file.

    Can you send me that file privately?


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